Camagüey Marks 91st Anniversary of First Radio Transmission

That first transmitter was known as the 7AZ, years later renamed CMJA. Other radio stations would come into being throughout Camaguey province during the 1930's and 40's, such as Radio Triunfo, Radio Legendario and Radio Camagüey .

Radio Cadena Agramonte was set up in 1957 in a bid to serve the people's physiological needs of being informed, educated and entertained through a varied and participatory programming.

From that moment on and up to the present, Camaguey provincial radio station has been pounding within the people's hearts, keeping them informed on each major happening and always accompanying them.

By doing this, and as professor Vicente González Castro used to say, "people realized that radio helped them make their imagination running wild", so they started to dream through aerials.

Today, 91 years after the onset of radio broadcasting in the city of Camagüey, it is time to congratulate all broadcast media professional that everyday manage to get into the houses of those living in Camaguey and further and become part of their lives.

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