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Lilia Rosa Lopez: A humorist Radio Announcer for Excellence

{dropcap}L{/dropcap}ilia Rosa Lopez with a voice of impeccable records belongs to a vanguard select group of the country. But, Lily has other qualities that make her a friendly and respectful woman.

When investigating the early development of our media in Santa Clara, I find your name. Why the radio was your first media?

I started working in the radio for a true vocation expressed since my childhood; I participated in several programs for children, singing and acting in CMHX, directed by Salvador Almansa in Santa Clara, my hometown. When I was twelve years old I attended a program in which I recited and sang songs in CMHW under the direction of René Lopez Romero and advice Nelo Evora Valdes. Moreover the performance began to practice team of colleagues who organized the poet and journalist from Villa Clara José Sardiñas Lleonart.

Did you remember anything special?

Yes, I would stress that I had the opportunity to visit Havana to win a contest organized by, among others, the speaker José Antonio Alfonso, but my father would not let me stay in the capital.

What did you do?

Then, I continued my work without leaving the active student participation in artistic and musical activities.

When did you start in the radio announcement?

My dad got a tape recorder, and by me, burn, like practice, then commercial cut from magazines, news, stories, etc.

My interest was such that I got a permission to start frequenting the radio in order to see how programs are performing. I could count on the help of fellow Adan Ross Pich, an experienced broadcaster who even taught me how to manipulate the computer to record. I owe much to his experience and his kindness.

Any radio station in particular?

I frequented radio all of Santa Clara to one day be able to sit before a microphone. Started doing scripts for musical programs and news and join other young people we are allowed to join a junior team that would have the responsibility to conduct a music program and comments related to the school student, called the Top Music. Other participating Raul Rodríguez , the director of photography today ICAIC, Teresita Calderon days and specialist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wilfredo Sanchez, president of Antillana telephony enterprise S.A., TELAM, actress Eslinda Nunez, Carlos Machado and James Villafuerte, also ICAIC worker among others.

I also participated in programs of Radio Teatro Cloris, Radio Comercial and RadioTiempo chain

But again I ask you What about the speech, when it comes?

The first was initiated in the practice of the artistic animation in theaters in the company of experienced actors as Danilo Castellanos and Nelo Evora.

I know that at the end of the 50’s there was a strong revolutionary movement on the radio and other cultural institutions in Villa Clara. How do you see?

I had the possibility to relate to young people and offer my humble revolutionary collaborative efforts in which all the youth was committed. I can not fail to remind David Guadarrama, Osvaldo Herrera, Fernando Echenique, Raul Otero Marquez, Angel Ramos, Jesus Suarez, José Fuertes, Carmen Fernández Juanez, Roberto Toscano, Oscar Valladares, Luciano Nieves and Raul Nieves Mestre, among many others, with whom I shared, then some of the best moments of our lives at the Association of Rebel Young.

Concerning other specialties such as reading news

At the triumph of the Revolution gave us to Wilfredo Sanchez and I assume that the voice of an information space, very combative, who, led the companion Juan Mir Febles, a prominent personality of the political and militant of the Popular Socialist Party. I also assumed the responsibility to interview major figures of the revolution.

Comment on this experience a little, I guess it unforgettable for you

I can never forget. Imagine that these parcels were received as prizes for my boldness because, without knowing virtually anything about the radio, I had the audacity to speak to the commanders Faure Chomon and Ernesto Guevara. Moreover, what an honor to participate in information space led by Juan Febles Mir and to interview the prominent militant communist who was Dr José Gaspar Garcia Gallo, who later was my teacher at the Normal School for teachers in Santa Clara.

When and why did you arrive to the capital city?

After the triumph of the revolution, my family moved to Havana City

Did you begin to work in any radio station?

I started to practice Radio Hora speech in 1060 that was in the building of the Dental and Retirement only were female voices were used, which simultaneously with the studies in the School of journalism. In Radio Hora I had the pleasure of knowing and prominent broadcasters and actresses as Marta Velasco, Maruja Garcia, Hilda Saavedra, Dulce Maria Corbella, Elodia Riovega, Nelly Barral and Georgina Almanza.

I know that you worked I n Radio Havana Cuba.

On May 1st, 1961 Radio Habana Cuba began its broadcasts o North, Central and South America and the Caribbean with the voices of Bellita Borges, excellent radio announcer exclusive in commercial firms of Fernando Alcorta. A few months later I was requested to conduct a test of speech in that station and I accepted. When Bellita Borges got sick I was assigned to the news program. When she died on 1968 my voice began to identify the station, which has remained until now. I feel an indescribable pride when I hear and I remember that was my high school Radio Havana from a journalist and broadcaster and revolutionary.

But apart Radio Havana Cuba, you are playing in other to major television stations and is also involved in the animation shows. Tell me about this.

During my performance in Radio Havana Cuba (and in my free time)I found the task  of attending to other stations in order to learn the various facets of this profession. I had the pleasure of being led by someone from whom I learned much: Sol Pinelli one of the most important figures in art and culture of our country. I also worked on a voluntary basis, with different ministries and institutions of the country requesting my presence and in the presentation likewise the theater with the purpose of paying homage to relevant personalities of the lyric and popular art.

Her voice is also visible in the movies.

Under the direction of Santiago Alvarez I began learning the term documentary. To him I owe my involvement in the narrative of the journey of Commander Fidel Castro by various countries, as well as the sky was taken by assault and others dedicated to the life of the African American activist Angela Davis or related to the war in Viet Nam or the life and work of Ho Chi Min.

And on television what was your performance?

I worked together with the television broadcasters to the master of Angel Hernandez, during ten years in the execution of this day, without receiving any payment from its inception in the 80’s until the 90’s of the past century. After the death of Angel Hernandez, continue in this area of television with Angel Ferrera, another valuable speaker of Radio Havana Cuba. Among us who worked with Raisa White and also Colorama. For years I have participated in the conduct of promotions and documentaries.

Concerning promotions I have heard his voice back in the early years of the 60’s this type of work? Can it be?

Yes, back at 60 I would say that in 1963 the department was created called the intercom for the recording of entries in promotions and radio and television directed by Miguel Comellas; Manolo Ortega, Angel Hernandez, Fernando Alcorta, Antonio Pera and I were selected.

That was how we began to make propaganda for radio and television media. I continued my cooperation with it and included audiovisual lectures on topics as diverse as the sugar harvest and the anti polo vaccine and use of recordings related to travel of the Commander in Chief or lectures for various branches of the state. There he collaborated with colleagues Maria Cabanas, Orlando Baez, Emilio Izquierdo, Nelson Matos, Luis Felix and Frank Villalonga among others.

Do you continue working with promotions and mentions?

I have kept working with Mundo Latino that unit of the Council State, both in promotions and in the realization of documentaries under the guidance of Omelio Borroto (son) and the advice of his father’s name Deputy Minister of Agriculture. Also under the leadership of fellow Borroto and Orlando Baez participated in the serial narrative of man of the guerrillas in memory of Commander Ernesto ´´Che´´ Guevara and his comrades killed in Bolivia. Were 45 years of voluntary cooperation.

And television is used in similar work?

In 1998 I was requested by the ICRT Alfredo Calderon for the realization of documentaries related to remodeling and expansion of International airports´ ´José Marti, Juan Gualberto Gomez´´ and Maximo Gomez´´ likewise the new airports in Cayo Coco and Jardines del Rey with scripts of Commander Rogelio Acevedo. I also collaborated with the T.V lessons Universidad para todos in Canal Educativo 2.

In 2000 I returned to work with Ramón Fajardo in program for Radio Habana Cuba and again with Mundo Latino in documentaries about the flora and fauna of Cuba and the breeding of turtles and the first meeting of trade unionists Brazil-Cuba. I have worked with partner José Antonio Roche in promotions and other activities for the Company ETECSA. I must clarify that this is work I’ve done and like doing volunteer work, playing in my spare time and at any time of day or night, without thereby affecting the work in my place of work.

It was going to remember that I said nothing of Radio Progreso, a station that includes, without leave to Radio Habana Cuba.

I consider Radio Progreso my home. There has been systematically developed my work for over 30 years. I have done many programs, including informative newsletters and magazines, music programs and live broadcasts.

Among all the awards I receive in this successful career, what feels the most important?

The biggest distinctions or recognitions have been the darling of my coworkers and the national and international radio audience.

The possibility that this profession has given me to be led by Juan Febles Mir, a leading political figure of my country who rely on me when, still a teenager, he knew nothing about radio; Sol Pinelli, glory of our culture and Orlando Castellanos and Juan Hernandez among others. I had the privilege to meet and communicate with major figures in politics, art, culture an sciences including Ernesto Che Guevara, Faure Chomon, Dr Sergio del Valle or artists of the stature of Rosita, Elena, Omara and Moraima.

I believe a distinction having represented Cuba an abroad have been selected for the national courts of artistic evaluation since its inception by Armando Hart Davalos the then Minister of Culture, having participated in the encounters with Literature and Linguistics specialists doctors Vitelio Ruiz and Eloina Miyares.

And the Great Award: being able to contribute, without abandoning my labor, education and training of my children love and Omar as professionals and human beings socially useful.

These awards were added, reaffirming the artistic and personal values, whose talent and dedication to always Un rostro que se escucha.

Interview to radio announcer Lillia Rosa Lopez by the author for her book Otros Rostros que se escuchan.

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