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Minister of Social Development of Panama, Alcibiades Vasquez, acknowledged the facilities of the Cuban literacy method Yes, I can, used in the isthmian country to quickly teach reading and writing.

He added that this nation has a Cuban brigade of seven methodological advisors, distributed in the provinces of Chiriqui, Veraguas and Panama, regions where the largest number of illiterate people are concentrated.

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Bioven biotech firm, which makes Malaysia in Phase III clinical trials of a promising Cuban vaccine against lung-cancer, plans to list in London after a fruitful collaboration with Cuba.

The relationship of the Caribbean country with that company, of which the Malaysian government is one of its major shareholders, is an example of South-South cooperation, said Elnartd White, commercial manager of CIMAB, distributor of the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), who created the drug.

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The XXI Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo in session from now until August 1 in Mexico City with the participation of 23 countries.

"For the fourth time Mexico City is hosting this event where progressive parties in Latin America and the Caribbean meet," said Carlos Navarrete, national president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

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Alina Rodriguez one of the most important Cuban actresses of all time, admired for her exceptional theatrical talents and much loved by her nobility as a human being, died in Havana, victim of cancer.

Born in Havana on October 4, 1951, one of her most valued performance recently was the character of teacher Carmela in the award-winning film Conducta, by Ernesto Daranas.

The laurels she earned by Carmela include the Best Actress Award, granted by The Havana Film Festival New York in 2014.

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At 8:50 pm on Monday, July 27th, the Network of Stations of the Cuban National Seismological Service recorded a perceptible quake, located at 19.94 North Latitude and -76.00 West Longitude, 20 kilometers southwest of Santiago of Cuba, with a depth of five kilometers and a magnitude of 3.8 on the Richter scale.

So far they have received reports of perceptibility in the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Palma Soriano, in the province of Santiago de Cuba. No human or material damages were reported.

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The ideals of Bolivar in America29 Jul 2015 07:45 - Ana Laura Olivera Gonzalez The ideals of Bolivar in America

Americanism: that word alone could describe political unification processes occurring in this part of the world in the last fifteen years with the growing social movement experienced in several countries of the continent. Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua and Cuba with several Caribbean states drive a common project, included in li [ ... ]

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Chavez: knife, gun, trench...28 Jul 2015 15:27 - Conrado Vives AniasChavez: knife, gun, trench...

What example
has become dagger,
has become rifle,
It has become the trench
of the will,
the word love,
and death. The worth of a man is the supreme service to the causes they do not look big to which side lives better, but on which side duty lies.

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Santiago de Cuba Celebrates 500th Anniversary25 Jul 2015 14:12 - Cuban News AgencySantiago de Cuba Celebrates 500th Anniversary

With a solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power and the inauguration of works that will benefit the population, Santiago de Cuba celebrates on Saturday five centuries of existence as a town founded by Governor Diego Velazquez in 1515. At the Heredia Convention Center, personalities who have contributed to the economic, social and [ ... ]

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Nico Lopez History Museum25 Jul 2015 07:44 - Yusnay Cabrera Torres /Director of Park Museum Ñico Lopez Nico Lopez History Museum

In the land now occupied by the Museum Nico Lopez, was built in the early decades of the nineteenth century a residence for its architecture in the Spanish style and owning real incomes administrator of the town of San Salvador de Bayamo, Ignacio Manuel de Zarragoytía and Jauregui, to be known as "The Tower of Zarragoytía".

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Twenty musical themes inspired in Santiago de Cuba to be sung at a concert24 Jul 2015 16:15 - María Antonia Medina Twenty musical themes inspired in Santiago de Cuba to be sung at a concert

A concert of twenty songs inspired in Santiago de Cuba westernmost province will be the gift of the Cuban Writers and Artists Association (in Spanish, UNEAC), on occasion of the five centuries of the foundation of this town to take place next July 25, and the 62th anniversary of the attack to Moncada barracks. Rodulfo Vaillant, president of UNEAC  [ ... ]

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