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At about 80 Cubans and foreign visitors confirmed their presence at the Digital Underwater Photography Festival taking place from today until Monday 22nd at Faro Luna Hotel, in Cienfuegos province.

Georgina Garcia Romagosa, Rancho Luna-Faro Luna Hotel Complex business deputy director, told ACN that the meeting of divers and photographers is a very important step to show Cienfuegos´ underwater world.

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The 11th International Congress of the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Historians (ADHILAC) is being celebrating in Vienna city from September 17 to 22. Its main theme is "The Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) and its overall dimension.”This meeting has been organized by the Institute of History, the Vienna’s University and the International Executive Committee of ADHILAC.

Among the historians invited to the event attending Cuban Dr. Pedro Pablo Rodríguez López who will give a lecture titled “José Martí y su concepto del equilibro del mundo” (José Martí and his concept on the balance of the world), which was previously accepted to be included in the Manfred Kossok table for lectures presentations *.

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Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Anayansi Rodriguez, reiterated Havana's support to find a peaceful solution to the civil war in Syria through dialogue.

In her speech at the 27th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Rodriguez expressed Cuba’s confidence in the ability of the Syrian people and government to resolve domestic problems without foreign interference.

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Cuba.'s report against the blockade of the United States that will be voted at the United Nations, is gaining more support in the international community where voices are raised in support of Cuba.

Released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the island, the document says that in many nations of the world and from the internal demands of the northern country increasingly harder unilateral lifting those sanctions.

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A message of hope, unity, joy and love sent Saturday children and young Cubans to his contemporaries in the world and all, to celebrate, to San Antonio to Maisí Humanity on September 21, International Day of Peace.

The Cuban News Agency informed all media in the country early, parks, squares and streets will be full of little princes and princesses, laughter, games, pranks, music, noise and lots of action, in a general song solidarity, truth, reason and the possible dream of a better world without war, oppression or injustice.

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Music and verses for the Cuban Five 15 Sep 2014 14:39 - Pedro Norat Soto / Radio Cadena HabanaMusic and verses for the Cuban Five

Catching the human essences of the hero over the stoicism and renunciations, the purpose of the project is promoted by reciter and announcer of Radio Cadena Habana Ibrahim Friol Cordero.

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Fallacies of Radio Martí. Embarrassment of broadcasting12 Sep 2014 15:54 - Silvio J. Blanco Fallacies of Radio Martí. Embarrassment of broadcasting

This small radio station -the diminutive refers not to dimension, but its lack of values every so often resorts to the same messages that become true scratched discs in his inconceivable eagerness to denigrate Cuba. "Your government is undemocratic", "does not respect human rights," "has a very negative place in the lists of the Department of State [ ... ]

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Rosalia Arnaez : I would work more on the radio09 Sep 2014 08:57 - Lic. Maria Salome Campanioni Rosalia Arnaez : I would work more on the radio

Incidentally held in late August the 92 anniversary of the start of the broadcasts of Radio in Cuba and in these days of September, the month of her anniversary, a special figure devotes her time to reflect together with the Internet friends Portal of the Cuban Radio. Rosalia Arnáez Rosalie confesses with her gorgeous smile that would work more on [ ... ]

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Cienfuegos: Two radio stations celebrate their anniversaries05 Sep 2014 16:15 - Oneidys Hernández VidalCienfuegos: Two radio stations celebrate their anniversaries

It was the same day in 2004 when for the first time both radio stations aired, sharing the same common goal: Bring the most innovative and authentic community of their territories. The missions are also intertwined, as educate, entertain and inform part of the premises of Radio Cabaiguan and Radio Cruces.

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