Typewriter vs. Computer

Joaquín Cuartas, Alberto Luberta Hector Armas Duque and Orieta Cordeiro presented their views on these questions, a challenge between advocates of magic in the creative process with the typewriter and computer facilities in the same objective.

Most of them explained that, like all first relationship, break out of the habit of the keyboard layout, sound and smell of books and paper during the investigation, are steps which detach costs.

That idea also defended Orieta Cordeiro, but stressed that it meant streamlining their work because of the speed to search for data, organize folders; however, it requires more professional because “cut and paste is not artistic creation, an original work carried versions, dramatized and adapted to the radio language.”

On this same idea, audience-composed by eminent radio and especially of Radio Progreso, commented how they attack the credibility of the authors of TIC.

Nora Quintana, specialist and methodologist of the parent plant, said the works in its conception versioned require proper testing of sources, verifying them, confronting, because anyone can publish on the Internet false information, and cannot be taken as true, without confirming their veracity.

Between confessions, another consecrated radio, Georgina Herrera, accepted that she is still in prehistory with the computer; just use the computer to send emails and write an article, but when you create is very attached to the typewriter.

Moreover, Duke Weapons defended the advantages of computing because it recalled that after completing 38 chapters machine if he could think of some new idea had to be discarded for not rewrite it, now only need to look where you want to insert it and get typing.

Another debate that brought those questions was how fast they could type on typewriters and now the computer; everyone spoke of the differences between each other, but the conclusion was that depends on the adaptability of each.

The sense of the writers present summarized Joaquin Cuartas, before attempting to classify them as scriptwriters, screenwriters and writers: “The terms do not interest me. To me what I like is to write, what I do I cannot take away is the playwright, because one of the advantages of radio is you must have a theatrical vision.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 


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