Luis Rielo

Luis Rielo Morejon: A Child that Never Was

How was Luis Rielo family?

My father was Spanish, very upright and honest, but extremely poor. He used to work at Cienaga de Zapata making train polines, which only allowed him to come home 2 or 3 days per month. One day, when I am only six years old , led me to help him with a coal furnace that he was doing. That was terrible , the mosquitoes and humidity. At the end my father had to return home. These are the first memories of that child that never was.

What about the financial situation in your family?

When I was seven years the family moved out to a place called Las Catalinas and later to another one called Maria Dolores. None of these places had electricity, so I did not know what was the radio, or a film. Maria Dolores thereafter, at least I started to go to a rural school where I met electricity. In this batey had a nave and a movie projected every Sunday and one day my older brother took me. Then it can be argued that this is the moment that you have an approach to the art world.

What defines?

The first silent film I watched was El Zorro… Seeing the courage and skill of the character, I did no know which one came, like a love at first sight and I told my brother´´ When I grew up I will be and actor´´. My brother said: Are you a fool? An artist here in the middle of the field and I answered I will be an artist.

Did you keep your purpose al the time?

I was an illiterate boy, had braces and drag the r…Then there was the custom to sit at the table but all it would be just flour and potatoes. Once my father told my mother: When I die I want to leave 4 or 5 pesos, not to move and I told him then: Do not worry Dad. I know I will give you many things when I became an artists. Imagine what such a little child who could read and write, in that field…

When the family could get out to Cienaga de Zapata?

It was for a very sad reason. When I was twelve years a lighting killed my sister Emelina. My mother was very sick for a long time and my older brother was already in Havana, decide to bring the whole family. Needless to say I worked on everything: tickets, coal, food was dependent on wineries, but always with the obsession of being artist. And one day the owner-s daughter where I worked told me Look what I brought you was a newspaper clipping that said: Do you want to be an actor, declaim or radio announcer? See professor Vermell. I felt like an artist. But back to reality earning 25 pesos a month and cost 15 pesos classes and hours of hold me not to attend.

What did you do?

My older brother who worked at an inn, he got another job and the owner insisted that I accept, was not too easy, because I was a minor. But I got the square and it was already possible to pay 60 pesos classes. Thing I did in advance with the first salary. I think from there everything would be easier that I believed. But in the second class the teacher sent me to read some verses of our apostle Jose Marti, which I had never read aloud, was near illiterate, and dragging with braces fucking erre. The teacher I pulled the book out of hand and told me, you will never be an actor.

The world collapsed at my feet. My colleagues encouraged me to read aloud with a pencil or a cork under the tongue. What goes. I went back to my house a disaster, I looked for magazines, newspapers, and soon found a hand, I locked in the bathroom for 24 hours and nobody could use it. Hit the door and shouted at me crazy and I read and read 24 four hours and I was reading aloud with a pencil in his mouth.

And it works?

In the next class, the teacher worked with all about me, but at the end of the class, as I has paid one month in advance I told, you my teacher has taught me not grudgingly gave me the same book the day before, went away and I started to read. Soon he approached their foot high heels with jeans sounded in my ears, my hands sweating and shaking up and down, stood before me and said removing the book sorry yes you will be actor. That was the most beautiful phrase I heard in a lifetime.

What was the first media you participate?

The theater. The first time I played was in the play El cartero del Rey with Nestor Mollina and directed by Erick Santa Maria and Nuestro Tiempo theater company. That action marked the first realization all my dreams.

How many characters did you play in the radio?

I worked a lot on the radio, first as an actor and then alternated with the direction. The characters I remember most are in the Cabo Rocha in Taguari program, which was the first that I made and the character of Jacinto in the radio novel Ketty Villada at 2:00 pm in Radio Progreso.

Why do usually play negative characters?

My frits television character was in the program Carlos Valiente by CMQ television, I played Marcus and it was a negative character.

What about your family?

I have three sons and a daughter from my first marriage; I also have grandsons and great grandsons.


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