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Cuba has a new Family Code

Cuba has a new Family Code

Cuban RadioSep 29, 20221 min read

Cuba has a new Family Code. In a true and legitimate democratic exercise, Cubans voted this Sunday at the polls…

Satisfactory dynamic test to prepare for popular referendum

Radio Havana CubaSep 19, 2022

The more than 24 thousand polling stations set up throughout Cuba were activated this Sunday, in a dynamic test ahead…

Cuba contributes to protect the ozone layer

Radio Havana CubaSep 17, 2022

The Montreal Protocol was signed 35 years ago, aimed at protecting the ozone layer, with the gradual reduction of the…

Cohiba in its 55th anniversary

Radio Havana CubaSep 14, 2022

With the presentation and tasting of the Cohiba Piramides Extra vitola to the national and international media, the celebration of…

Cuban Radio broadcasting celebrates 100th anniversary

Cuban RadioSep 10, 2022

One hundred years ago this Monday the first experimental radio broadcast took place in Cuba. On August 22, 1922, the sound…