An unprecedented project

A corporate website that classified as a vertical portal with subject matters specialized in radio, and that promoted, encouraged and served as a link to all the websites of the Cuban radio system on the Internet -one of its main reasons to exist-, was conceived.

The portal’s project has no antecedents or similar ones in or outside the country, since, in most cases, Internet portals respond to other interests, even though they cover specific subject matters.

Given the characteristics of our radio stations, including the social object, profile and specificities of each of them, there was a need for a common space where people could gain access to this information by way of specialized articles and that could be of interest not only to Cuban Internet users but also to foreign ones.

The editorial profile was conceived by taking into account not only the treatment of specialized contents about radio, aspects that are usually tackled by specialized literature, but also the spreading of the work of Cuban radio workers in the various specialties involving -directly or indirectly- the current presence of Cuban radio on the Internet, among other objectives.

The portal can be accessed by way of the address -the domain name selected for including the appropriate key words, as well as for being simple and easy to remember.


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