Some qualities and styles of the researcher journalist

The question is of little use as curiosity in the research process, Aristotle wrote: “It is the importance or anyone wishing to achieve certainty in their research, know doubt in time” The journalist is an observer par excellence, on constant alert and active curiosity, yet the events that occur and that may relate to their work.

It is a very sensitive person can search; find causes and consequences of certain attitudes or statements that undermine the normal development of society.

It has the tenacity is a virtue because the search for information for the characteristics of being strong, stubborn and perseverance will open the way to success. Patience is one of the attributes of journalist and independent of habitual radio work with persistence.

The environmental professional must be cautious about issuing a criterion because it is aired after the listener assumes certain facts.

No wasted time record carefully the scene of action again and again before and during the search for information, or call back to testifying. If you miss some of the data offer apology is necessary, but a true professional should be assertive.

In the radio as another media there are jobs or research projects that can last days, months or longer for the hope of finding new clues and information as you would a police investigator. Precision and accuracy are virtues in the work of journalists.

Rigor favors enough credibility to keep in tune with the radio. The approach of the research problem is the first thing to be done so that the methods for finding the desired content are essential if one starts with a hypothesis. The size and intensity of the conflict determine the time to address the problem is unknown.

The haste undermined the efficiency. Techniques such as quantitative basis not only serve to make treaties or thesis is also used in the search for news so that the survey scales, observation schedules and statistical analysis can construct reality you need the radio listener.

These requirements provide a precision journalism. Each genre is made by the journalist if you want to develop a thorough analysis needed to read documents, consult experts, study past events to compare them to quantitatively and qualitatively make conclusions.

Take journalism lightly is a regrettable imprudence resulting in social knowledge.


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