How news is manipulated by international media?

And what really happens is that besides there might be a sniper, the generality is that they do not realize they are doing the same thing they criticize.

Thus, this work is intended, that his reading, inferring whether or not we are reflecting what matters to our revolution professed ideology. If we do not divide, and if we find happiness because. Either circumstance is good for knowledge.

The theory that inspired this work, was a study of cases on How the Media Hegemony built?, Made Omar Valenzuela, Paraguay communicator. The starting of the base to discover the meaning of history, we must have made an ideological reading of social phenomena.

It should be remembered as our creative use of semiotics in the messages disseminated by any means of mass communication, whether by the Code or the Code Iconic Language.

In the first sequence is used when analyzing words have certain significance. And in the second we cite, including: diagrams, photos, graphics, etc.

In the examples used, the subject is war, but can be applied to any other.

Mounted photographs show a nice view of the war.

“Technological deification” to the weapons: weapons development is reflected as a good thing, saying the cost of its use in human lives.

Use of soft words: Trying to avoid negative connotations, it minimizes what we mean, when war dead, saying low. Or when we use collateral damage to civilian deaths or destruction of a target was not military, such as hospitals, schools and so on.

News within a mythological framework: the rationale is the fight against good and evil.

At the beginning we said we need to analyze social phenomena that are occurring from their ideology. So ask yourself, who professed ideology of social actors who are the protagonists of the events will go on record

Let’s think about our history before and after 1959 and we realize how it has changed and is changing the store as the actors change.

I think it is worth recalling that a definition of ideology is the thought that forms in the individuals of a certain social class.

They must not forget the producers of the Mass Media that they are responsible for how the recipients, envision the world and know that this perception over time becomes official history.

Behind the beginning of any war, you can find the processes that occur in the social life of the states and of the sufferer. One can see that the explanation is well known, the ownership by a minority of large wealth and resources against a majority impoverished population that succumbs to such oppression.

We have learned from political economy according to its relation with the means of Production; the individuals have a place in the social structure and become the social classes. Caste In situations occur that generate action.

They have the Hegemony of the Society for having the means of production are at the top of the social structure and that they have to care who are controlling MCM Ideological Production Means

We must be careful, because sometimes they even look at messages that stem from developing countries, are copies of foreign models of developed countries, not just their goals are different, but threaten him that no country should lose its identity.

It is a contradiction to our creative do not analyze that this occurs in developing countries, not because their quality is good, but because there is a greater empathy between the dominant social classes in the developing country and the first world.

Lazarsfeld and Merton, the founders of the Communication Theory defined the Mass Media with the following effects:

Social status or legitimacy accorded to those who appear in them.

Control or moralize public life. This regulatory function at theü ideological level of Mass Media, acts as a reinforcement of certain social patterns, in the words of Eliseo Veron: “In most cases we are apparently messages that their function is descriptive or referential and its real function is normative.

Narcotic function raises the apathy of the citizen as a result of prolonged exposure to useful information it receives. Let us note that this feature benefits the ruling class from which the masses are kept in a state of apathy about issues that these classes can be considered politically dangerous.

Thus the Mass Media in the hands of the ruling class are a powerful tool that maintains the status quo and hinder social change, in the case of capitalism of the lower classes. That is why in Venezuela when he tried to overthrow President Chavez, the media has totally misinformed, trying to rescue an influence that has obviously already lost. It is a very popular expression “removed and put kings.”

It is necessary for any creative Mass Media internalize these effects, so that when producing a message, we are convinced that their effects will be positive in his life developing educational, cultural, information, guidance, recreation and propagandist.

When focused the use of semiotics in messages, talked of a mythological structure through which ran the messages. And on this structure is necessary to define what is meant to understand the essence of the “media narrative.”

It is known that the transmission of knowledge has been for the oral form through the myths and rituals. But, attention thinks of any ritual in which we have been present. What strikes us in the rational and the emotional part?

We think the answer is unanimous, or at least consensus. Currently the most powerful country of the world, he rises for their interests, the ancient struggle between good and evil and abrogating the right to say who, what, what, where is, one or the other.

And to do the best tool is already defined, Mass Media and manipulate emotional symbols to count situations, facts, according to their own interests and rewrite the myth with the same structure, but with different actors.

Thus stereotypes are constructed from appearing on the Mass Media, mental categories are members of a particular culture.
For example: We use words like freedom, democracy, rule of law, the Free World, USA to identify the property.

While oppression, dictatorship, fundamentalism, Iraq, Iran, Saddam Hussein, are fixed as identifying words of evil.

We will see that it is no coincidence that our revolution is identified as a dictatorship and its leader as a dictator. To judge our actions as oppressors of the people. So the use of words that distort to their own reality.

Think Bush, eager to find a lost confidence in the members of a society totally pragmatic and convince what is good what you are looking for the company going, said publicly that the certainty of his decisions, his infallibility, was a product that talking to God.

That is the myth that America is the country that is declared the champion of humanity, and has stereotypes that other words are added in specific qualities. And sometimes we find that in our messages, we reinforce those stereotypes, those qualities when we use it.

We said Mass Media manipulate symbols, recognize in the news reaching us, the manipulation techniques that Alvin and Heidi Toffler identified as keys to misrepresent the facts “most used in military propaganda, but also can be identified in other propaganda.

Indictment ofØ atrocities: the enemy is accused of making maximum atrocities that may or may not be true. Appreciate everything at risk, peace, freedom, the future of civilization. . Are not we can identify this technique a lot of news?

Deionization and / or dehumanization of the enemy:Ø Saddam was Hitler to Bush and a colonel who ordered an air strike as substantiated by saying: “It is almost the same as when one turns on the light in the kitchen, start running cockroaches and kill all” .

The polarization of the conflict: Bush uses the phrase “God Bless America.” And Saddam was defended by saying that the invasion was an attack on the Islamic world.

The met propaganda: The Propaganda discrediting the other side. And puts into question everything the enemy says.

I hope that these theoretical notes, in order to achieve that at first we set and we would like those colleagues who read it, give us your honest opinion, if they were useful for their daily work.


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