The report: is prepared by the journalist when he finds information

The radio report, an essential genre

The report emerged thanks to the common life and the ability of journalists to meet with the facts. The search facilitates the gender development because it is no possible without the article, the interview, the comment and the information. Merging all these forms into one makes the report in the appropriate way to provide effective communication products. Does it work? Yes, but the reward is higher.  

One of the advantages of the report is the possible spread in any part of radio programming not only in radio news Among the advantages of the report are The advantages of the report is the possible spread in any part of radio programming, not only in newsreels and magazines, also in varied cutting programs or music, with the advent of Internet a radio report is the basis for conducting a short video inserted in web pages or graphic personal blogs with pictures of the events described or others to be associated. This genus by the radio-documentary is the root for realizations of multimedia communication as integral support.  

There are many ways to do a report like journalists existing independently of the ABC and it has been explained. News is usually obtained from a witness or an interview. Find the right instrumental or sung music to participate further in the consolidation of the texts or content in its highest.  

A story must have at least one signature tone which is used as thread or transition of scenes, because gender is so close to a movie that has the same steps of clearing a movie. If today are few reports on the radio has to do more for the professional laziness than anything else.  

It is inconceivable making a report conducting an interview without making a technical script. This genre as other needs a previous design, which serves as a guide to build a house. It is necessary to visualize the final product by the author, the same way as an architect draws. Although there are more risky to perform this step on the progress of the issue and do so because in his mind had seen the finished product. Anyway, building a basic outline is related to competence of the journalist as a story as other genres cannot be improvised, not invented, does not come from nothing: it is created.


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