Amada Morado Aguiar and the studio theater in cuban radio

Did Amada Morado want to be an actress?

I wanted to an actress since I was ten or twelve years. This desire was born on out of the television. The theater was not a familiar media for me. I got fascinated with the performances that I watched on T.V with Gina Cabrera, Raquel Revuelta, Berta Martínez, Maritza Rosales, Aurora Pita, Margarita Balboa, María de los Angeles Santana…In my maternal grandmother’s house, where I used to live, I listened to the radio, mainly radio novels and adventures …When I expressed my desire for being an artist, there was an unanimous rejection in my family.

They argued there was not a job for a decent girl, I had to study for being a teacher or a secretary was studying for a teacher or secretary. Then I became an avid reader. One day I read an announcement: We started a course at the Municipal Academy of Dramatic Art.

What did you do later?

Without much thought I went and enrolled in the Academy. For 14 years I looked more, I believe that he had provided the age together with a letter from my mother, written and signed by me of course. When I was studying typing and shorthand, I was getting acting classes. That did not last long; they found out and sent me home to my paternal grandmother who lived in the company of my only aunt. My father had died. My aunt was a hair dresser and I decided to learn the craft and put me the work there.

And this situation was until …?

A few months after the triumph of the Revolution, my aunt and my grandmother they decide to leave the country and take me with then. Then I left the house. I was 16 years. With tips that had kept thinking that I could take the flight to the goal he craves. In November 1960 I left the neighborhood of Lawton.

You were alone and very young. How did your perform yourself¨?

I knew that nearby the University there were many houses, for the students. I was very tired and went to a coffee shop in Infanta and Zanja. A lady who was there helped me and took me to a guest house on the street and M and 27.There was serious people, whom she knew. I will always be grateful for your kindness. There was a short bedroom with fourth with three or four beds. I could take a bath and sleep at night.

What did you do for a living at that time?

The day after arriving at the house I bought some nail polish and emery boards. I had to keep by myself. That began another ordeal because he did not have a local fix for acne. I started playing door to door work at home from potential customers. I noted in a First Aid course being taught at the Calixto García Hospital.

Can you finish the course?

We graduated on March 14, 196. In April in the Bay of Pigs invasion, mobilized to help us in all that necessary. I stayed there about three month. After I started working I the factory of jerseys Flex, as operator that allowed me to cover my expenses. I changed my house.

How was your arrival to the art world?

I began as an amateur in a folk dance group in 1954. In 1965 I joined the drama group of enthusiast who had the National Union of Arts and Entertainment. During the day I worked as operator at the factory and at night, we met to mount works or participate in workshops, courses, etc… We are presenting in the camps sugarcane. We share some days in Camaguey, with this wonderful actress and a person who is Gina Cabrera. It was a real pleasure.

What about the theater?

In 1966 I began to attend a workshop in action Vicente Revuelta in Hubert de Blank Theater. Attend numerous professional actors and actresses. Participating in lessons, excersises and then we met in groups to assemble scenes presented at the next meeting; this is my first contact with Theater-studio. It was a time of great ferment. Had finally discovered the wonderful world of theater, dance from plastic…

When was your first artistic participation?

The first time was ´´El beso de la patria´´, which took place every week in elementary school. Now my first participation in the professional work was on May 19, 1967. On March 1967 Mario Aguirre one of the actors I met in the workshop of Vicente, I proposed to replace an actress who had fallen ill during the assembly of Fiebre de Primavera by Noel Coward.

The play directed by Rubén Vigon who was also was at the forefront of the Harlequin Room, where it was going to submit the piece. I did a test of action and gave me the character of Mayra. What luck I had the premiere was next to Maria de los Angeles Santana.

What are you favorite actresses at that time?

Along with aforementioned actresses Cuban, to the extent that I was developing in the world of acting, my admiration also extended to other major actresses of the world as Anna Magnani, Simone Signore, Catherine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave among others.

What has received contributions from the directors?

In each of the media in which I played, I’ve always found many managers a lesson. They have left a positive mark on my artistic development. List them all would be endless, just to mention some serious unfair.

How have been your artistic developments?

I started in 1964 as an amateur. That allowed me to link with world of theater. In 1967 I do my professional debut at the Arlequín Room.Group revenue in 1968 to study theater. Theater Studio, Raquel Revuelta in charge since 1968, has contributed greatly to my career. There I had the honor of these and work with directors, actors and actresses extraordinary teachers we instilled, discipline, diligence and love for the profession.

They went trough unforgettable experiences, from classical to contemporary from comedy to tragedy. The physical training, the linking of theory and practice led to creation of this workshop has been an essential reference in the history of the Cuban drama from 1959. There is me where I stayed until 1991, when he Raquel and Vicente Revuelta choose a new experience and become known Casona de Linea.

The majority of the group remained the seat, it means Hubert de Blank name assumed by the new company since 1991. In this company I have developed over the past 17 years, with actors, directors and major characters and stayed there.

What about the television?

I think that played a major role in my professional development, work in television where I shared with excellent professionals, directors, actors and actresses. Thank to this I have reached the half Cuban homes.

Do you have international experience as an actress in the theater?

Both groups have carried out international tours representing our country in Spain, Portugal, Yugoslavia, the USSR, Bulgaria, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

You also participated in the radio

I worked in Radio Progreso three years in some dramatic programs. I also worked in Radio Ciudad de la Habana. I can not fail to mention the radio, which gave me so much training as the solo voice. The radio is very difficult. I give importance to work well in television dubbing.

What aspect is the most important in your career?

The joy of having known and share work with many of my favorite actresses. Those in my adolescent dreams inspired me to desire to be an actress, Rachel Berta, Maria de los Angeles Santana, Aurora Pita, Maritza Rosales, Gina Cabrera, Margarita Balboa, etc. Having worked with so many colleagues in all the media I have worked.

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