Mirella Latorre. A Chilean voice in Cuba

Mirella Latorre: A Chilean voice captivated the Cuban people

Mirella Latorre stayed 20 years in our country, she gave us her teaching. We have always remembered with nostalgia those… Conversando con Mirella Latorre, which was broadcast for 11 years by Channel 2 of the National Television and directed by Cuqui Ponce de Leon. She was characterized by her elegance, good diction as well as her affectionate tone of the voice. It was one of the programs that were and are part of the fruitful history of the Cuban Television.

At the age of 18 years Mirella started working as amateur in the theater, she left her career in the University and she never left the art anymore and dedicated part of her life: Theater, Radio and Television. Even she confessed that the radio was her favorite media.

She started working as radio announcer in Channel 13 of Chilean Television with TV news. Delatorre was the first woman who read the news at lunch time. Later, in the same channel she made a two hours- program from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, also short TV news. Afterwards, she participated in the Chilean Television” Buenas Tardes Mirella”. Mirella was the pioneer in those kinds of programs about female affairs, concerning cooking and introducing important guests.

But above all, Mirella was the first actress of Theaters and Radio theaters in her country. Chilean adults recalled her masterly performances, which are still widely commented in multiple websites all over the world, as relevant times of Chilean radio, television and theater.


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