Radio Guines 40 years

Radio Guines: 40 years of history

Multiple activities make up the program to celebrate the four decades of this radio station, which transmits on 1450 AM and 95.9 FM to the southeast of Havana. It also includes workshops of radio production, radio genres, propaganda, computing safety, audience research and other issues to determine the impact of the programming. 

There will be a meeting with the founders of Radio Guines and the political-cultural Gala on April 19, coinciding with the celebration of 40th anniversary of Radio Guines. 

The ongoing dialogue with the audience covering the signal in (Melena del Sur, San Nicolas, Batabano, Nueva Paz and Guines, the venue ), also approximates the recipient to know your impressions, expectations of what they want to be reflected the events and daily life in Havana.

Those who work in and for the radio in the southeast part of Havana write almost everything, talked to many people with a rich life to tell, others became people’s life in sound stories.

It is known that the immediacy and brevity are the main characteristics of this media inform and entertain This is to inform or entertain, but not boring, so try to give dynamism to the contents of each production with the seal of the attraction, so that what is heard it is a very detailed scenery in the minds of listeners. A big screen, as Orson Wells said. 

The most important aspect is to give everything, be professional and making in the newspaper, commercial every hour, making programs with strength and color, capable of seducing the audience, make it reflect and make their own assessment of the world. Because compared to other media, is said to regard the news, while TV shows and the newspaper’s analysis. 

But experts say the topic in the field of information is the guerrilla radio, go everywhere with maneuverability, high mobility and light baggage. 

Community radio does not want to be just that: an open door to the environment in a confluence of sounds, words, silences. So we hope to write each story in the same instant of its occurrence, interpret and discuss hot, try giving them wealth and unforgettable. 

Then, Radio Guines will continue to speak of all and all waking up to find this unconditional ally. Because the radio, that many scholars see an end to the invasion of the pictures, the radio is an everlasting media.


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