From Camagüey, the Voice and Heart of a Passionate Radio Correspondent

“This is a great incentive. In Cuba there are hundreds of workers who also deserve this condition, so this acknowledgment is a new commitment for me,” Fabelo Pinares reckons.

Our conversation takes place in her office as she answers continuous telephone calls, records the news reports and ashes her cigarette butt. Then we learn about her early yearnings for studying and becoming a journalist. 

“I could have chosen other courses; but I preferred letters rather than sciences. Reading a book is still a favorite hobby of mine. And I think that I found in journalism my real commitment. I wouldn’t change this job for any other”.

Being a student at the Universidad de Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba, Fabelo Pinares visited Nicaragua though the Latin American Continental Students Organization (OCLAE) and also went to Guatemala and Colombia, thanks to her journalistic works revealing the humanitarian role played by the Red Cross.

Recently she took part in a Seminar for Latin American Journalists held s in the People’s Republic of China. In addition, she accompanied an internationalist mission of Cuban medical doctors to Honduras, and lived the experiences of the fall of the Socialist bloc in the former German Democratic Republic.

“That travel to Germany ratified my commitment with the Cuban people. There I saw the fall of the symbols we had as model; for the first time, I saw anti-riots forces lashing out at the people. I understood that it was necessary to defend even more the Revolution, to prevent the U.S. Empire to topple it”.

Her participation in contests sponsored by the Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) and in Radio Festival is usual, for which she has been recognized in many occasions, and also because of her role as an union leader in Camagüey  

A phone call interrupts our talk, and it is a good opportunity to take a peek at those certificates hanging on the walls of her office: best correspondent, the Henry Dunant Prize for Excellence in Journalism, conferred by the Red Cross, one of which she received for the feature article about the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Orlando Cardoso Villavicencio…

“Her recognitions are many, including Jose Marti Annual Prize –signed by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro and late Commander of the Revolution Juan Almeida…”

This hectic person is also assistant professor of journalism at the University of Camagüey, is a student’s tutor and develops her own workshops on radio journalism.

“I think we should share experiences and teach the young generation who starts to work in the radio; because it is like remunerating what I also received in the past. A journalist has no a minute of rest and I try to convey that to my students”.

There is lot of reasons why Radio Rebelde correspondent’s office is always full of people –a modest office and broadcasting studio- from where Miozotis Fabelo Pinares airs her reports everyday about Camagüey, the birthplace of Major General Ignacio Agramonte.


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