Cuban Revolution goes through a good time

The national and international impact of Fidel Castro’s intervention broadcast on the Cuban television as well as Radio Rebelde and Radio Habana Cuba stations, placed below the recent information about the Cuban prisoners who were released sent to Madrid on Monday night, by their own decision,  through  the Church led by Archbishop Jaime Ortega, and the government of Spain, represented by Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Fidel’s appearance not only removed any doubt about the notable improvement in the Commander’s health, on the eve of its 84th birthday, but also reaffirmed the right time the Cuban Revolution is living, near to held the Day of the National Rebelliousness on July 26th in the city of Santa Clara, the city of the guerrilla Che Guevara .

Near this good moment other events occurred; the decision of  Cuban government  to release those remaining prisoners of the so called Group of 75, who were arrested seven years ago because of their complicity with the U.S. government and terrorist organizations in Miami, as well as the recent capture and deportation to Cuba of the Salvadorian mercenary Francisco Chávez Abarca, agent of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles,  who were direct or indirect responsible for sabotages with bombs in hotels from Varadero and Havana, one of which killed the Italian young man Fabio Di Celmo.

This way Fidel Castro ‘s intervention closed with perfect end the dynamic of events recently occurred in Cuba, until last Sunday with the World Soccer Cup in Africa, where people enjoyed   to watch 64 without paying any penny


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