Tanya Granados: The First Female Voice of Radio Reloj

Tanya Granados: The First Female Voice of Radio Reloj

She studied and graduated in Plastic Arts at San Alejandro National Art School. But one day after her having enjoyed a play, she decided that her true vocation was the dramatic arts.
Tanya registered at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADAD) and her teachers were Mario RodriguezAleman, Modesto Centeno, Nora Badías, Marisabel Saenz and Roberto Garriga. Once she was graduated, worked in several theaters with Las Mascaras Theatre Company.

One day her husband suggested her to present to a course in radio announcement, although she was not interested, she registered in 1968. That course was held a year and took place in Radio Reloj. Angel Hernanadez, Julio Batista and Manolo Ortega gave the classes, only 10 students ended the course and Tanya was one of them. At the end of the course Julio Batista told her that he has liked her voice to work in Radio CMBF and she was tested.

Pastor Valdes, who was at that time the director of Radio Reloj, told her that as Vilma Espin’s suggestion on the need to include women in the reading of news, they have been chosen her after have listened to many women voices.

That was how on July 26, 1969 was listened for the first time a woman’s voice on Radio Reloj. It was precisely in the Revista de la Mañana where we listened to Tanya Granados along with acclaimed radio announcers, Cesar Arredondo and Roberto Socorro.

In 1970 she worked in the program 10-70 and later Onda 10-70 which was broadcast by Radio Rebelde. In this radio station Tanya worked with the outstanding radio announcer Pedro Luis Fernando in a program to support the Vietnamese people’s struggle. She still keeps with pride a ring made of a material of a plane which was shoot down by the Vietnamese forces.

After three years of working in Radio Reloj, Tanya felt the need to continue her profession in another kind of programming. For that reason, made an exchange with the announcer Ramon Fraga and started working in Radio International. When the radio station disappeared, Pastor Valdés, the National Director the Radio at that time, suggested her transfer to CMBF Radio Musical Nacional, and she started working there in 1976 was started in 1976 as announcer of the exquisite programming of this radio station, where she worked for 26 years .

Tanya Granados was granted with Raul Gomez Distinction. She retired in 1992 for health reasons. It is amazing to know that with her 71 years, Tanya, enjoys a great vitality and a voice worthy of the most demanding programming of the National Radio.


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