Irma Shelton

Irma Shelton: An outstanding journalist and announcer

At the end of 1983, Irma began to practice announcing at the Radio Siboney instrumental radio station in Santiago de Cuba, and the following year she officially filled the position, after being evaluated by a Provincial Commission.

In 1985, she was hired by the Tele Turquino television channel to work in a youth program directed by Diaz Cominches, along with announcers Miguel Serrano and Mileidis Ochoa. She also worked as an announcer of other news, cultural and scientific television programs.

In 1987, Irma made incursions for the first time into show business as presenter of the Roof Garden Cabaret of the Casa Granda Hotel in Santiago de Cuba, directed by maestro Andres Gutierrez. In 1988, she was called again by the tele-center to work as the host of the “Revista Informativa Santiago” news program, and then she decided to do the two jobs.

In 1990, she became an Education graduate specialized in English, at the Frank País Garcia Higher Pedagogical Institute.

In 1991 the Tropicana Santiago Cabaret was inaugurated, where Irma worked as its bilingual presenter for five years, and with which she carried out two international tours: (Jamaica in 1993, and Germany, Austria, Switzerland in 1995). She had to quick this job due to health problems.

In 1996, she moved to Ciudad de la Habana, the Cuban capital, where she worked with the TURARTE Show Company as a bilingual host at the National Hotel de Cuba’s “Parisién” Cabaret, and she also began to work on National Television as an announcer.

In 1998, she travelled to Canada for four months with the show of the “Parisién” Cabaret. In December of that year, she was officially evaluated as an announcer by the National Radio and Television Commission, and she obtained First Level.

In 1999, Irma registered for a degree in Reorientation of Journalism at the Faculty of Communication, which she concluded in July, 2000. Later, she was hired as a journalist and an announcer of the Cuban Television’s Information System, with which she began a growing professional career.

In 2002, she joined the National Association of Cubans Writers and Artists (UNEAC) as well as the Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC). In addition to her work in the Television Newscast, she has worked in its midday service as editor of international news items and as the presenter of that information slot on Saturdays. She has covered international events like the 16th Summit of the Movement of Non-alignment Countries held in Havana, the visit of U.S anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan to Cuba, and the visit of the Argentinean Foreign Minister.

In 2006, Irma began to work as a journalist of the Round Table program aired by Cuban radio and television, interviewing different personalities from around the world by telephone. She travelled to East Timor in March, 2008, to cover the medical and educational tasks carried out by Cuban voluntary workers in that country, and did the same in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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