Corruption in Radio-TV Marti: Director Pedro Roig Submits his Resignation

Then, he tells how he arrived to the United States in 1960 and joined the “struggle of the combatants for freedom”, without specifying that he did so in the ranks of the US Army and the CIA, next to those who were later the most bloodthirsty terrorists of the “autonomous” operations of the Central Intelligence Agency against Cuba.

Roig continues his letter with a reference to the “validity of the American Dream” and a praise of the professional skills of the Radio and TV Marti staff, when the poor quality of TV Martí reports, the vulgarity and rudeness of some interventions, and the lack of professionalism of its workers had been denounced in recent months by both the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and a senatorial commission.

In the same letter, Roig reiterates the deceitful statements he had been in the habit of repeating over the last three months, according to which Radio and TV Marti have an audience in Cuba. Incredibly, a survey carried out after Roig’s arrival, in 2003, revealed that Radio Marti’s audience in Cuba was the lowest in its history. As for TV Martí, the survey admitted that the station was virtually “off the air.”

After praising with slimy servility the excellence of his chiefs in the Board of Governors, Roig continues with moving expressions of gratitude towards the mafia politicians that kept him for so many years in his post, despite continuous denunciations: Bob Menendez, Lincoln and Mario Diaz Balart, Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Albio Sires.

”They have fought for Radio and TV Marti with unwavering devotion”, he said.

”The time has come to close this chapter of my life. I am proud of having served the American people,’ concluded the old conspirator who, with his army of collaborators -hired because they belonged to his circle of friends-, defrauded American taxpayers for seven years.

Roig was a close partner of late Jorge Mas Canosa, a CIA agent and the founder of the Cuban American National Foundation (FNCA), the most important counterrevolutionary organization in the US until the 2001 break.

Mas and Roig have shared the questionable honor of having been together in terrorist training camps of the CIA, with another ”star” of the local mafia, terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

Pedro Roig is a great partner of another ex director of the Office of Cuban Broadcasting, Herminio San Roman, who, together with Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera, Julio Estorino, Frank Diaz-Pou and other mercenaries of disinformation, began the process of turning the station into a den of obsessive conspirators and extremist chiefs.

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