Millionaire Losses From The Blockade In The Cuban Civil Aeronautics

Due to the world monopoly of the United States in the building of commercial aircrafts, components, spare parts, technologies for them, it is forbidden to the Island to buy them, something that forces Cuba rent airplanes less efficient in abnormal and unfavorable conditions.

The document remarks that the American government does not authorize the Cuban airliners operate in their country; on the other hand, charter fights from American companies systematically travel to Cuba, where they have all the facilities to operate.

According to the national authorities, the direct economic harm caused by this war against the Cuban people had reached the number of one hundred thousand million dollars until December 2009 –according to moderate calculations-, worsen by the economic world crisis.

With the administration of President Barack Obama, are still currently in force the interference character of the Torricelli’s and Helms Burton’s Laws and its world enforcement. This was recently denounced in Havana by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, the Cuban Chancellor.

Cuba has to make its commercial transactions in very precarious conditions, because the American companies and those from third countries making finance operations with Cuba are subjected to constant harassment by the US government.

(With information from AIN)
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