Antolín, a Pigeon that always returns

“Greetings to the whole people of Vertientes, four years ago he didn’t come here and I bring them a transparent, very Cuban humor”, Antolín said that thanked the comments around his program “I don’t want cry”, a television show that was transmitted in the summer and that will be again in the grill of programming of next year.

“It is a program of three hours that we are preparing for the year end, with exit to the air from 12:00 to 3:00 of the dawn. This agreement with National Television also includes ten programs more than I don’t want cry for the summer 2011”

Without “aguaje”

Argelio García, Chaflán, was in fact who made an audition to Ángel García in the Santa Clara of final of the years 80. To this and other big of the Cuban scene the peasant of Manacas has them a lot of respect.

In the square of Vertientes he didn’t stop to remember that ritual of saying a half lie fifty-fifty with the on hat and a truth without the hat, such and like madeChaflán in his times.

We know that Antolín already has a self-esteem consolidated that is sustained in having worked with big of the Cuban humor. Which is the formula?

“It is necessary to work a lot. It is a resistance career. I already take more than two decades. I am stimulated with this country, people love me and I cannot defraud them. It is necessary to go ahead.

The humorist began his show summoning a group of children, with which he sang his success “With half weight” and in the twilights he used for the first time the guaracha “he Has to have of everything”, of Tony Ávila, topic of a new television proposal.

“He looks like the Square is. Without any type of ´aguaje´ there are orchestras that don’t fill spaces like this”, the humorist assured, minutes before moving for the Popular Parties of Sibanicú, and to leave to the people of Vertientes the certainty that Antolín is a Pigeon that always returns.


FOTO… Alberto Luberta baptized Angel García in Radio Progress as “Antolín, the Pigeon”

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