Victor Moreno: His legendary work in the radio

He was a radio announcer, writer and artist and started working on the radio in 1940.  While being a teacher, he began working at CMKX radio station in Bayamo, conducted by Oscar Vidal. He also served as sports announcer,in baseball and boxing with the show “Esquina Deportiva”. He was also a commentator and historian of jazz music. Among the highly rated musical shows, there appears  “Ritmos de Yankilandia”, “Sesenta minutos con los ases del swing” and “Jazz Caravan”.

In 1957 he moved to the capital and worked at “Radio Aeropuerto Internacional, located on 25th Street between 6th  and 8th  in El  Vedado, Havana City (former CMQ and later Radio Suaritos”), conducted by Sergio Vidal. His job was to listen to the most important baseball game to be held every day in so-called “Big Leagues” in the United States and simultaneously translated into Spanish, a narration by Bayamo’s announcer Felo Ramirez. In this radio station he was also coworker of Rene Molina.

One of his activities atn Radio International Airport was “sportswriter” in the last newslcast on the air in Havana from 11.00 -11.15 pm.

In Radio Aeropuerto he kept his Jazz Caravanshow  with a great audience particularly musicians like Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Richard Egues, Frank Emilio and many other relevant musicians of our country.

In that same year, 1957, he worked at Radio Deportes and COCO, radio stations directed by Juan Amador Rodriguez. There he made the same  “literal translation” of boxing bouts taking place every Friday, beginning at 9.00 pm at Madison Square Garden in New York, with the unforgettable anchor Bobby Salamanca,  and in Union Radio he shared his post with Ruben Rodriguez, Gonzalo Lopez Silvero and Roberto Canela, the great voices of radio anchoring in Cuba..

He was back in his home city, when on  January 2nd , 1959 in Bayamo Commander Fidel Castro´s entry occurred and Victor Montero had the honorable task of introducing him to a sheering crowd, from the balconies of the then City Council. This was for him “the greatest honor in his career as a radio man.”

At the CMKX radio station in Bayamo he taught courses for free and delivered lectures on Writing, Composition, Linguistics and Radio Announcing for all the workers, and outstanding personalities like Luis Alarcón Santana and other colleagues on provincial and national radio.

He directed three radio programs on Bayamo Radio in the province of Granma and at the Municipality stations, all dedicated to the dissemination of Martí´s educational and cultural notions. They were “Clasicos de la musica y la literatura” (Music and Literature Classics” “Que es jazz?” (What is Jazz?) and “Aqui Martí (This is Marti).

To replace “Pincho” Gutierrez was  one of greatest memories, Kid Chocolate´s ex coach, a  sports commentator. This occurred on Cadena Oriental Radio Station.

Victor Montero is Honorary President of Jose Marti Cultural Association in the province of Granma and “Honorary Reader” at the National Library “José Martí”.

On March 25th , 2002 he was granted at University of Havana Auditorium and for the first time, “the Utility of Virtue” Recognition for his intense commitment to the dissemination of Martí’s thinking, together with great personalities like Professor Rosario Novoa, Lidia Turner, Roberto Fernandez Retamar and the grandson of General Jose Maceo, just to name a few celebrities, a ceremony headed  by Armando Hart Dávalos and Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada.

The People’s Power Municipal Assembly granted him the ceramic figure of the Mayor Church due to his devotion of being  “an exemplary teacher of generations and a outstanding promoter of Cuban culture.” Among other awards:

“Pedagogy National Award 2008.” Havana, March 2009.

“Twentieth Century Outstanding Pedagogue.” Havana, March 2009.

Unique and Special Recognition Award “150th Anniversary of the José Martí´s Birth.” Cuban Pedagogues´ Association.  Havana, January 2004.

UNEACC´s  “Bayamo 2004 Award”, “for his brilliant career and contribution to territorial cultural development.” October 2004. (First Edition).

Diploma … “For his commitment and dedication to territorial cultural artwork.” Department of Culture. January 2007.

Illiteray Campaign Medal.   December 22nd , 1986.

“Armed Forces´ Fortieth Anniversary Medal”.  December 22, 1998.

Thirtieth Anniversary of Heroic Ernesto Che Guevara´s Death in Action.” October 8th , 1997.

Juan Marinello Centennial Recognition Award.” Minister of Culture November 2nd , 1998.

“Honorary President” of  Jose Marti Cultural Society  in the province of Granma since its foundation. “Honorary Member” of Granma province chapter of the Pedagogues´Association. “Honorary Member” of the Union of Cuban Historians.

His main contribution as an educator and radio man has been his work along his entire life in the formation of values for his people, inspired by our Apostle´s thinking.

He is an outstanding educator in all aspects and especially has helped us to know and love José Martí even more, both personally and on radio and television.

He is a steady critic and consultant of the media staffers urging to follow his own exemplary stance regarding the functional, ethical  but respectful behavior before the audience.

Since 1940, when he started working on radio, and despite its 88 years, he continues offering his experiences in the fields of music, radio, linguistics and history Victor Montero is a remarkable person on Cuban radiobroadcasting

Translated by: Daysi Olano



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