From” Radio Swan to “The Cuban Guaiacum”

The contents of the Radio Swan‘s transmissions incited subversion and sabotage and at the beginning of the invasion against Cuba by Brigade 2506, in April 1961, the radio station was the direct support of “Operation Pluto”. During the landing of the mercenary brigade in the Bay of Pigs, Radio Swan reported: “The invaders are constantly advancing on all fronts … Throughout Cuba, people are joining the invaders, along with the rebels in hiding; … Castro’s forces are surrendering en masse.” This information cannot resist a comment; the world witnessed the defeat mercenaries within 72 hours.

Over 40 years later, with the beginning of the 21st century, and the gain in strength of the use of new information technologies and communications, to organize subversive and interference activities against Cuba, is one of the issues of the so-called cyber warfare. In this context, in 2009 the blog “The Cuban Guaiacum of “the counterrevolutionary” Carlos Manuel Serpa, agent Emilio of State Security, was created.

Five issues link Radio Swan with The Cuban Guaiacum: Both media were created from US-controlled territory, the operation was held from an island near Cuba, the radio station on the Swan Island, the blog from Puerto Rico; its contents full of fallacies pursue the goal of creating the conditions to overthrow the Cuban Revolution have both been involved with the 2506 Brigade, because the agent Emilio was a representative of that organization, through which he received funding for provocative acts in the country.

In an interview to Carlos Serpa by journalist Deisy Francis, he stated :

“I myself suggested one day that they could manage a blog and I even told them that it would be named the Cuban Guaiacum. They also told me that they wanted it to be similar to that of Yoani Sanchez’s to earn money and I could live on it.

“It was explained that through the blog would solicit donations from supporters and they emphasized ‘we are going to run the blog The Cuban Guaiacum, and you will ask the supporters for money so you can live.”

“This blog is run by is Enrique Blanco, a counterrevolutionary based in Puerto Rico, he participated in Operation Liborio, a project financed from foreign countries for the so-called opposition.

“He has posted information on the blog as if it were me, if I could not attend a particular activity, in this case almost always related to the Ladies in white; he communicates directly with them and writes the report.”

The fifth aspect is as follows: the radio station and the blog disappeared discredited by their actions, but there are also some differences, in the second case the blog was created The Cuban Guaiacum, by the real Carlos Serpa.

Source: Kaos en la Red

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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