The CIA premieres a new service for Yoani Sánchez


It turns out Serpa was a member of the excellent corps of Cuban intelligence, who succeeded in learning in detail the plans of the CIA to capture, manipulate and distort the country’s reality. The CIA utilized the United States Interests Section, in the Cuban capital, as training headquarters.

An automatic answering machine, along with other tools configured for the task, responds only to telephone calls of the counterrevolutionaries, which are controlled by the very blogger Yoani Sanchez who gives approval to each recording to be broadcast by Radio Martí and the Internet.

According to Chino Ip, that way “they screen out opinions that are contrary to their propagandistic and manipulative intentions.”

Garganta Bit asserts (also known as Chino Ip) that a revolutionary blogger was not able to leave his messages because it is a service reserved exclusively for those on the payroll of the United States in Havana, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona and other cities, with a high priority for Cuba.

“The key to this technology is exclusively for Yoani Sánchez and the paid employees of the U.S.I.S.,” explained the informer.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has been dealt some blows in recent days, evidenced in the  series, “The Reasons of Cuba,” which exposed how the United States supports mercenaries with the latest technology. It foolishly believes that this resource could overthrow what the people have
endorsed for half a century.

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