Holguin: CMKO celebrates its 75th anniversary

The radio station is named after Angulo, who was a young worker in the sales and repair of radios, when the radio had a great popularity in Cuba.

He longed for a radio station, telling the journalist Nicolas de la Peña, and finally founded, with much effort, the CMKO.

The first song that was broadcast was “Campanitas de Cristal “, by Puerto Rican Rafael Hernandez. Then a danzón to start the history of the station, which is linked to the death of its creator, a victim of Batista’s repression triggered his murder in December 1956.

So then, the letters CMKO were accompanied by the popular “Radio Angulo”, repeated by announcers like Osvaldo, Santana, Emma, Nestor, Valero, Alicia, Carmen, Leon, Idalmis and many others, even younger. Here is a detail of the place: the continuous arrival of new directors, audio operators, technicians, consultants, writers, directors and journalists.

Moraima Lopez, director of the radio station presented to the press a few months ago the program for the anniversary and confessed to being proud to lead a working group with so much history and creativity, to make possible the daily schedule. It is transmitted by AM, FM and real audio on the Internet, thanks to an active Web page, updated by a group of reporters, photographers and translators with good sensitivity.

And perhaps from the feelings experienced by Moraima, one of the first activities in the 75th anniversary was the presentation of awards to outstanding workers, something that happened in La Periquera. But it was only the first step of a journey that will conclude on Monday with a cultural gala in the Eddy Sunol Theater.

The CMKO heads the radio system in Holguin, which now has 6 radio studios, 8 local stations and the legendary transmitter in the city of Holguin. There have been great workers there, whose work have won awards in national festivals, and have made a good impact on the audience with creativity, the main objective of each program. No wonder, the slogan of the Campaign for the 75th anniversary was this: “CMKO Radio Angulo, 75 years with the audience.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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