The radio and the public communication

In a lecture delivered to a group of Social Communication students from Mexico, the participants were interested in this Cuban experience and were surprised at how it was possible to accomplish this task without replacing the classroom.

Obviously, this mission was a facilitator and now spans several Latin American countries must have institutional support of the state as has happened in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, to cite just the most obvious results.
Concerning education, Cuban has a school level that the radio must fulfill Having a school level like in Cuba the radio must fulfill in the field of education, another mission and there is no space in the contents of anything which does not state an information, knowledge or memory of something almost disappeared and the cultural heritage.

The experiences indicate that the presence of the radio is keeping better to the cultural characteristics of communities, particularly the contribution to the vocabulary of people without constituting a misuse of words of little or no use and would be very difficult to retain in memory of human beings, let alone incorporate it into their repertoire of popular speech.

Bertolt Brecht considered  “The radio would be the most wonderful public communication system you can imagine […] if it were able to not only transmit but also to receive, allowing the listener, and listen, talk”

If in 1932, Bretch understood  the need for such empathy between radio and its listeners, the demand for more technological development speed of radio interactivity with their audiences and thereby meet the challenges of support to raise the cultural level of Cuban society wireless products with attractive recreational and instructional for these times.

At present the radio is urged to share content with greater rigor to the creators and listeners of this exchange will be strengthened communication products, and be suitable for all as their own, they are both about as others.

The power of the spoken word well said, and mobilizing attractive, seductive, and understandable not only culture but will evoke a channel optimistic and reflective of how we participate in the changes not only economic but of mind to face the challenges imposed on us this time.

Without neglecting other local stations radial structures are the best conditions are for that approach to the sociocultural reality of the region, knowing where are you and where are the sources of information, where the school and is more difficult matter, also center efficiency model is working and what is not. Both are one and the other actors who should refer to how they succeed or because they have lagged behind.

Radio is the best ally of the community if it works as outlined in its mission and recognition of the contribution to his audience and listeners will be warranted for the benefit of locality appreciated.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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