In changing times communication is vital

It needs to provoke the imagination, for it only needs to persuade the public with a message that generates positive feelings about the recommendation implicit in the communicative product, this contributes to the success of a propaganda slot on the radio.

You can not separate the value of creativity afforded to the message as a whole, in the creation of the radio propaganda slot, this means taking into account all the elements involved from the text to the assembly with the correct use of radio language .

The propaganda tasks that must be addressed, in addition to the daily ones aimed at prevention, savings and health, will be in the order of the new work-related issues and the new economic model. This requires working together to consolidate a work culture to establish the regulations and the characteristics of social participation.

Times are different, of change, and propaganda can not follow the old paths but make new roads, new items that motivate, encourage, inform and guide the public to achieve a massive incorporation, and effective as required by the Cuban economy.

This activity need not be alien to the media campaigns but now moving in the opposite direction to previous campaigns.

Now it is beginning to explore other means of production, this model or changes that are brewing on the island will produce critical alarms, with the mission and goal of creating confusion and bewilderment. Hence the values of the propaganda work in these times to clarify the measures that the country is taking to move forward and create more wealth.

Returning to the creation of advertising spots it must keep in mind that simplicity, clarity, consistency, empathy, originality and persuasion are elements that allow for greater synergy between the media and the audiences targeted by the message.

This allows the creation of messages in simple language, without big words where the main focus is strengthened by encouraging and motivating apprehensive reflection on the action of proposed changes.

Radio propaganda in these times deserves further testing and control of effectiveness through specific studies of public goals. From their results depend the modifications and changes that we undertake, and the movement or time segment for greater efficiency in the projection of the message.

Each station must maintain and increase its programming of those issues that strengthen the defense of identity and cultural heritage conservation, all of which must be achieved by ensuring the effective use of the resources available where creativity and ingenuity to achieve attractive messages and themes that complement the ideas of national defense and patriotic feelings.

The power of propaganda should be the priorities for the contents of all programming highlighting the sense of belonging and love of creative work to influence the enrichment of the cultural life of the population and strengthen the work in order to meet the spiritual needs and strengthen social values.

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