Maruja Sanchez, an imprint of consecrated life

I soon understood why. She was a worker with such a sense of belonging to her work station and the heritage of Cuban music that any praise of her rigor, discipline and perseverance could not match so great a stature.

Concerts, national and international festivals, studio recordings, any music event happening, there she was with her will and energy that dragged the creative team to save valuable files that she referenced all the time.

Multiple were the qualities that accompanied this little woman, making her great among her colleagues and friends.

The 85 years of Maruja, this January 17, serve to evoke through the testimonies of those who met her, admired and keep her in mind, as if her step, wisdom and presentations will continue providing daily deliveries of CMBF.

Many of us learned from Maruja. The strength in each of her works and refined her enthusiastic passion about each new challenge in life, being a complete woman.

Leyda Lombart, one of her current followers, likes relating that all her life and behavior was marked by the organic and free expression, without limits that identified her. Something very unique that could only be compared to the spontaneity of childhood.

Maruja was, simply, like a waterfall.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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