Wall Street: What the U.S. radio does not broadcast

U.S. activists stated that for two or three months “those of us who read the news thought it would be a protest lasting two or three days,” however, this process, in all its magnitude, and the information that it generates is totally unknown in the country that claims to be “the champion of press freedom.”

The largest U.S radio stations and mainstream media stations are mute in connection with the information showing the enormous gap between the rich, corporations, government and the people.

Selfishness and arbitrariness in the management of the economy that caused such social problems: the lack of medical care for the middle and lower income citizens, the difficulties of students entering universities through the exorbitant cost of the higher education system, and the huge losses of housing stock and the increase of families in bankruptcy. However, these issues are not discussed on U.S radio.

Likewise, that four million families have lost their homes since 2008 because they were unable to pay their monthly installments to the bank and this deprived them of their homes is not revealed. How is this possible?

A group of creditors lost their jobs, many were surplus because their companies went bankrupt, while others fell in the game of greed to achieve the American dream “the American way of life”. The real story is unknown, and little is published about the “export of corporations,” ie, the relocation of U.S. companies and corporations and factories in less developed countries that generate easy profits.

The U.S. radio stations do not talk about when someone in the family is sick, and must stay in hospital, the cost of medical care drains the savings of those who are not affluent.

But the most malicious part of the housing problem in the United States is manipulation by the banks, which had lured hundreds of thousands of families to accept “predatory loans”, a loan from the bank or financial institution (Fanny May and Freddie Mac on “flexible” interest rates – note that this is one of the deregulations adopted by George W Bush during his tenure. On this topic, there is also silence in the mainstream press that, to the world, flies the false flag of the defender of human rights.

A U.S family spends much of its savings on buying a home, confident that it can afford it, with monthly interest over 30 years. But in reality the bank is the owner of the residence. Then the “predatory mortgages” appeared, aimed at vulnerable population groups to deceive the person into accepting such a “flexible” tax rather than a fixed rate mortgage or loan. In this way after a few years, and the family become unemployed, it becomes more difficult to afford the house. Then comes the time that the bank chooses to implement the tax, and interest rates can be doubled and even tripled.

The result is that the family loses the house, and the savings invested and paid to the bank because the bank takes over the house and sells it to another person. The former owners have to leave the house, and all this is covered by the laws existing in the United States.

This is the sad story of the American people, especially those people – there are millions -that make up the lower classes, those who have little or nothing, at the point of becoming unemployed and homeless.

These are the root causes of the massive demonstrations in the U.S., the unease on Wall Street, which has unleashed a wave of repression against peaceful people who protest, but do not attack anyone.

The images published on the Internet confirm that the police use pepper spray against the outraged, violence is the daily life of those who preach against the injustices of banks and financial institutions.
The symbol of all that misery is the domination by the large financial capital embodied in Wall Street, of the economy and society in the United States. Now those people know who the enemy is, stated a former Marine, in uniform and wearing his medals, as he joined the protests: “I have fought for this country twice. The first time I fought, but was not sure who the enemy was. Now I’m fighting again, but I know who the enemy is.”

And the mainstream media are silent. They do not report that in some states of the union, the participation of citizens is being promoted in local elections for positions which confer decisive influence on situations that traditionally politicians decide today. That’s how things are in the country which claims to be, without reason, the one to imitate concerning freedoms and human rights.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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