Ileana Gonzalez: Notable journalist of Radio Reloj Station

Ileana Gonzalez is now one of the most renowned radio workers of the Radio Reloj Cuban station, for her work carried out in this media over 30 years and all her recognitions.

Among other awards, Gonzalez was awarded the ” Felix Elmuza ” medal by the of Journalists of Cuba, the “Raúl Gómez García” medal by the National of Culture Workers and recently she was given the “Gisela Bell Heredia”Annual Prize for Radio Journalism.

Why do you feel passion Radio Reloj, a peculiar news station?

I think that Radio Reloj is an essential station in the radio system of our country. It has always been like “the distinctive sound of our homes.” I really like it for its profile, its immediacy and utility, which is mainly tested through great events or in times of natural

disasters. In my opinion, the day of most Cubans starts with tuning in to this station.

Which journalistic genres do you prefer?

In the case of Radio Reloj, I prefer the commentary, the chronicle, and the outline.

Who has been your best interviewee?

A good interview can come from an exceptional artist like Alicia Alonso, or even a woodcutter living in the forest zone of Isla de la Juventud special municipality in Cuba. So, I have no preferences. I guess the best interview has not yet been carried out.

On what topics do you prefer writing? And why?

By affinity, the issues related to art and literature, which is a very broad field, although I can make incursions into other fields like sports, which I love.

How this profession has contributed to your personal life?

It has provided a lot of opportunities and knowledge. It has made it possible for me to gauge the country. Radio Reloj station has contributed entirely to my professional training, and I should say that Mercedes, who has just received the “Juan Emilio Fríguls” Radio Journalism Award by the work of a lifetime, led me through vicissitudes of writing at the station.

Regarding to my family, I must say that it has been my support, very necessary to carry out many tasks related to my profession.

What do you dislike on the current journalism?

The Cuban journalism must get rid of the formalism, self-censorship, and the grandiloquent style. We are aware of our responsibility to society and we are asked to gain depth. But, as President Raul Castro mentioned, to change the people’s mentality is a complex process, and we must have more support for this mission.

What does the radio mean for you?

Radio Reloj has marked my life and I feel I am part of its history, because I have done my best to contribute to its development.


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