ALBA: New Communications Media

Research on analysis of content of the community radio are scarce, almost nil. The radio program producers should focus more on the texts and contents, not technology.

The scripts should reflect a world without violence where brotherhood and peace prevail.

Recently, representatives of the media in the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA), have proposed the creation of a radio station, a television channel and a website. With the attendance of delegations from Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominica, Cuba and Nicaragua, the members of the public and alternative media of these countries agreed to submit the proposal to the Political Council.

The proposal includes designation of a High Level Committee and an Executive Secretariat in order to make it more viable and provide it with monitoring.

We encourage these suggestions, which will certainly involve the community radios.

The community radio stations are called to turn into foundation of a generation of networks for critical thinking in the region and to create a thematic, ethical and political range, from their own identity.

The proposed project would have as a social impact the raising of knowledge levels and the quality of life of the Latin American society, starting from an adequate training for professionals who will be working on these platforms.

The Bolivarian media is going towards holistic thinking and sincere journalism. It is open to all cultures of the continent facing those reducing tendencies that hinder the understanding of reality.

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