Yoanny Duardo: “Adults should Trust in the Young People”

Yoanny does not to reveal his dreams; he keeps them to himself, with the idea of surprising people with his projects. He loves journalism, enjoys reading, dancing and making friends: “Friendship is a value that we should foster and keep.” He confesses: “I do not like to be interviewed, I rather interview, I enjoy that a lot.”

Yoanny inherited wisdom and common sense from his grandparents, and education and love from his parents. His own words show that he is an enterprising young man; his everyday attitude shows the incomparable friend, the dreamer, and is an inspiration for those who are making their first steps in this beautiful profession of journalism.

How did you make incursions into journalism?

“I have always had the bug of journalism. At some time in my life I felt disoriented, but thanks to my friends the announcers Soraya Parra and Daniel Pereira I began to work at Radio Reloj. I owe my first steps to Nelson Rodriguez, with whom I have learned a lot, and have been working here for over three years. “

How difficult has it been for you to adapt to the style of the station?

“Radio Reloj is considered a school for journalists and announcers. Its style of work is unique; we have to broadcast the news from minute to minute, that is, in just 16 lines of text. So, we must summarize the news, be objective, accurate, always have in mind the purpose and the heterogeneous audience for which we write. When writing the information, we must discern the most important thing. When you do things with much desire, love and responsibility, it is not so difficult. “

Many people have the mistaken idea that today’s youth is lost; they have their vices, and do not assume responsibilities. Although there are some of these types, there are also many young people who do study, work, take care of their families, and persevere to reach their goals. Why do you think that they dedicate so much time referring to this issue, both in the media and in everyday comments?

“To generalize is always wrong. It is true that some young people do not respect discipline, rules of coexistence, but it does not mean they all do it. Many of us feel motivated by the future, work, study, learning, helping people. The work of the family is important and the media in order to train, educate, fight the wrongs, not only for the young people but also for adults who must trust more in the youth. “

About your paradigms … How much of them have you incorporated into your life?

“Besides my parents and grandparents, I am inspired by many people; one of them is my colleague Alberto Ajon León, an excellent professional who teaches me every day to carry out good journalism.”

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