Cuban Radio Informs on Twitter the course of TS Isaac

All the radio stations throughout the country reported with immediacy the passage of Isaac as well as the measures implemented by the Defense Councils in the provinces and municipalities to lessen damage to people and financial resources.

The Cuban News Agency reported on Saturday some opinions of locals from Camaguey central province.

Dolores Cruz, a self-employed woman, said that thanks to Cadena Agramonte provincial radio station, she was able keep informed, even on the situation of the eastern provinces where some of her relatives live.

Mercedes Garcia, a housewife, said that she had heard of the successful distribution of milk for children and medical diets at the hospitals and prioritized wards, while Alfonso Guedes, a retired man, heard information on local radio to ensure reserves of liquefied gas in case of power cuts due to tropical storm.

Several media outlets reported what happened during the tropical storm taking as reference information given by local users on twitter from Guantanamo, the easternmost territory of the country. Twitter accounts such as @RadioBaracoa, @ Laguantanamera, @ DeGuantanamo @ RadioMaisi, @ RadioGtmo, @oneliocc, @ radionline were present during the special coverage in real time, which showed the development reached on twitter due to the systematic use of this social network.

Cuban Television highlighted the important role played by the Cuban radio system to keep people informed about TS Isaac in mountainous and difficult-to-access areas, as well as the strict surveillance of water resources in the eastern and central regions of the island.


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