two different worlds cuba

Two Different Worlds

The aforementioned is seen through many ills such as wars which destroy the flora and wildlife, and a lot of people die, and others like diseases including cholera, AIDS and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts. The sad part of this story is that the main victims of such sufferings are those people from poor countries who must also pay for the others’ greed.

An example is related to recent information on protests carried by British citizens due to austerity measures stated by the British government during the announcement of the pompous wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton. The information said that the bridal dress had a value of $ 400,000. Have this prince and his girlfriend really thought of those children who die every day because of hunger?

On the other hand, the mainstream media are in favor of that small powerful world and have become its followers since they spread nonsense or false news worldwide in order to manipulate the great mass of the population. That is, while the world is falling apart through the action of those powerful people, the mainstream media report stupid things like gossip about famous artists’ and even President Obama’s puppy and his wife among many other examples. What is their main purpose?. It is obviously to make people resign their selves and have no idea of what truly are causing the many evils, so that peoples remain unaware of reality and mainly they are not able to understand it.

Overthrowing that kind of world is undoubtedly a challenge. It is a path full of pitfalls and sufferings, but essential so the rest of the people can live with honor. Our National Hero Martí said: “… the bad guys cannot succeed unless the good guys are indifferent.”


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