Magaly Bernal: A passionate Actress on Cuban Radio

“I worked as an announcer for a long time and I liked the job, although I did not give up my profession (acting). I used to combine acting and announcing and finally decided to dedicate myself to acting.
“Being a radio actress has a special connotation. I can play all kinds of characters and that makes me to feel forever young. I like to know that listeners can feel emotions by listening to my voice, silences and sighs. Now, I remember my first performance with a small character in the radio play titled: “El medico a palos”.
“The radio really captivated me”. I had no idea it would happen that way. I just entered that media as a work option, but it became a little bug inside me that never will go outside; the radio is a great school.”
Magaly told the Cuban radio portal about her love for Radio 26 station, which celebrated its 53rd anniversary on December 22. “It is a privilege for me, to be part of that work group -she said proudly- and all above, to contribute to the training of the new generations of announcers of Matanzas city.


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