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Pedro Martinez Pírez: “Jose Marti Thought should be imitated”

With eloquence and elegance, Pedro always talks about Jose Marti, also known as our National Hero of Cuba: “I’ve studied a lot and, even so, I use to turn to Marti in all kind of circumstances of life … I found this figure was closely to philosophy, ethics, law, literature, sports, science, journalism,  and was an example of conduct … “.

While Pedro Martinez Pirez was accomplishing internationalist mission in Angola as a reporter, he sent letters to his children with some Marti’s thought.  “During my labor as a diplomat abroad, I always tried people got infected by Marti’s wisdom, and my little ones have been my best students.

“Marti said: “The best way of saying is doing”.  You should talk about Marti when your personal and systematic behavior is linked to his thought. Marti is not a man to be recited or repeated, but to be imitated. Al spots on Radio Havana Cuba station are devoted to Marti’s thought”, Pedro Martinez said proudly.

Pedro Martinez’s opinion about Marti Pírez

“He was not a healthy man and not felt totally happy in his marriage since was not equal to his thought and mission in life. It seemed he did not belong to no one in particular; his fate was drawn up since he was a child.

Pedro thinks that Martí’s direct participation in the struggle for independence carreid out in 1895 was a right decision he made

“He had to fight; it would be his last moment of dedication to the struggle for Cuba’s independence. No one could stop him. Also he had been accused by some people of advocating the war without participating in it?

“In my opinion all the events carried out by Marti were part of his human greatness. Jose Marti really was and still is an extraordinary man”.


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