Why do they call it democracy?

The double standards of those attacking Cuba are outrageous, while they turn a blind eye to the miserable life of many on the planet.
Those people have a curious concept of democracy. Currently, they are trying to save banks instead of the homeless, as a mechanism to face the economic crisis caused by them. On the other side, they wage wars against other nations due to their greed, and justify such actions saying that it is “for the sake of human rights and democracy”.
As if that weren’t enough, the main representatives of governments must be rich or millionaires, as a requirement to run, while other prestigious and educated people “do not qualify” since they belong to the middle class or are poor.
In contrast, our peoples, which once were colonies of major economic powers, which had snatched from us crucial resources for development in favor of transnational corporations, now show positive indices of social development.
That has been possible due to our great effort to achieve our independence and the searching for own formulas in favor of the Latin American union. So, while the empire tries to find a way out, the Latin American countries show favorable results for the benefit of their peoples.
It is worth referring to another example of democracy in the world, that of our sister Venezuela.
The government headed by Hugo Chavez has passed through several elections and has had the overwhelming support of its people. It has achieved a social development never conceived by previous governments. Chavez has been a great promoter of actions in favor of the union of Latin American peoples through regional mechanisms and of mutual aid such as the CELAC and ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas), among others.
So, why do they insist on discrediting the Venezuelan government and destabilizing that democratic country? Why do they use the known state of health of the President according to their own political interests?
Clearly, they know how to prostitute the meaning of democracy; they always follow the way of earning money. Now I recall the words expressed by José Martí: “Latin America must promote all actions uniting our peoples and abhor what can separate us.”

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