Radio Rebelde: Voice and sound for all time

From than date on, Radio Rebelde has been the station of the Revolution and it has transformed its platform in keeping with the times and the demands of each stage of the Revolution.

On March 26, 1984 Radio Rebelde starting broadcast 24 hours which brought about new dynamics, immediacy and speed, elements that had practically  dissapeared from the radio at that time.

The staff of Radio Rebelde took on the new task with creativity and showed that, with the audience they have gained ever since they starting broadcasting in Altos de Conrado, in the Sierra Maestra Mountain Chain, it was possible to encourage creators to renew the signal.

When this moment came, professionals had greater responsibilities which required eliminating previous styles of work and introducing new styles, which were warmly welcomed by the audience

The sound design gave a special touch to this new era. The talent of creators was employed to mark  the most important moments of the programs in any of their parts.

A new style of writing information was introduced: only four lines and if they needed to elaborate, it could extend to eight lines. This strategy to deliver the news was not grasped by everyone at first therefore it was analyzed and discussed with the group of works and even with the listeners. The style was gradually accepted until it became the favorite way to introduce more information pieces.

In this first stage the areas of information and programming were under one single leadership. This experience helped understand that radio programming is only one.

Radio Rebelde has a rich history that could be compiled into several volumes that would complement  7 RR, written by Ricardo Martinez, founder of the Sierra Maestra station.

Radio Rebelde has been present in every task of the Revolution: from being the voice of Comprehensive Education, dramatizing the story of the martyrs, broadcasting various sports competitions, or orientating the population in the face of natural disasters, among many others times.

Historical moments in which Radio Rebelde has been an active part were the trasnfer of the remains of Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his comrades killed in Bolivia from Havana to Santa Clara, in the center of the country; Operation Tribute, in which the remains of the Cuban combatants in Angola were paid tribute countrywide.

The voices of the leaders of the revolution, especially the speeches of our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, have plied the ether through Radio Rebelde signal that is heard not only in Cuba but also across borders, something that has now increased through the Internet live audio.

Radio Rebelde has traveled countrywide in the hands of its correspondents.

On its 55th anniversary, Radio Rebelde reinforces its mission of being the voice of the Party, the Government and its top leaders, who have had this station as an ideological compass to defend the Revolution and face all the media campaigns that seek to destroy the Revolution.

Radio Rebelde continues to be the voice of freedom that was heard for the first time in Altos de Conrado. That commitment, ratified by the collective for over five decades, was recently recognized by Fidel during the general elections last February 3. That day, he briefly talked about the role played by the station in the battlefield of the Rebel Army when he said: “Well, a warm greeting and joy for them to think that they knew their duty for so many years.”

In the present times, Radio Rebelde has been assigned a new mission: to inform accuratelly and rigorously about the updating of the economic model in Cuba. This task requires greater preparation, deep knowledge on national and international current topics, the ability to see beforehand the provocations of the enemy and the ability to reach the younger generations with renewed language and instill the values of the Revolution that has led us all this time, despite the U.S. blockade imposed over 50 years ago.


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