Cubans Experts Draw up Wind Map for the Isle of Youth

Meteorology Expert Edgardo Soler told Juventud Rebelde newspaper that the effort was backed with high-technology instruments and skilled personnel as part of the project known as Production and Commercialization of Renewable Energy Services with the UN Industrial Development Organization, ONUDI.

“We calculated the wind power and speed every ten minutes during one and a half year, in three dimensions in order to avoid mistakes,” said the expert, who added that the project included design, installation, monitoring, statistic analysis and simulation of field measurements.

The drawing up of the wind map also considered the local landscape, vegetation, thoroughfares, hydrological conditions and other elements, along with satellite images, the expert said.

The study allows measuring the wind in any part of the isle based on simulations, and evaluating the impact on the environment and the improvement of energy services.

The software program also allows revising maps in a digital manner, measuring the wind at three different levels, the temperature and density of the wind on real time and contributing information to the system.

The Isle of Youth is not hooked to the Cuban energy distribution system, so it appears as an ideal zone for the development of renewable energy sources, like wind farms.

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