Indifference, a Great Enemy


Humans wander the streets with hunger; although there is food, but this food is thrown away in order to increase prices and contribute to the enrichment of powerful people.


New medicine is developed to relieve and eradicate diseases; but the prices are prohibitive for the poor.


The flora and fauna is devastated year after year, while in an equal proportion drones to kill and viruses to inoculate predetermined outstanding people with cancer and other diseases, are designed.


Presidents, politicians, scientists, and NGO representatives frequently get together in huge, air-conditioned rooms to discuss and to find a solution to essential problems in a certain period of time. But, at the same time, the major Powers carry out real genocides everyday in the name of democracy and human rights.


Today, as never before, the powerful nations are engaged in a kind of crazy race to increase malevolence and injustice. Recently, WikiLeaks revealed U.S. diplomatic cables proving that the State Department has protected the interests of the infamous Monsanto, a controversial biotechnology company that promotes genetically modified products in the world market.


Granma newspaper says that the Food & Water Watch organization has published a report showing how the federal government collaborates with companies dedicated to genetically modified products which are tremendously harmful to human health. The executive director of the aforementioned group says that ¨the State Department is selling seeds instead of democracy¨, and I can add: we know how they sell democracy: with bombs!


When we see Dantesque images of entire families escaping from hunger and grapeshot we think about a horror film; but it is as true as the sunlight; and nobody dares to point out the guilty!. It is extremely obvious. It is the imperial system that gives more to the rich and less to the poor, and if the great majority of the dispossessed doesn’t fight against so much injustice and cruelty, we will continue seeing the forgotten ones without the most elementary things for life, or in another case they can receive, as a gesture of unprecedented cynicism, some other genetically modified food, though that ¨gift¨ deteriorates their already broken health and they cannot understand why this is happening.


In this regard I would like to make reference to the wise speech pronounced by Fidel Castro in the World Food Summit held in Rome on November 16, 1996 when he made a call for the triumph of the truth over hypocrisy and lies. He said that the hegemony, the arrogance, and the egotism have to cease in the word, and that the bell that tolls for those who die of starvation everyday will ring tomorrow for the whole of humanity if it refuses or cannot do that which is necessary to save itself.


Therefore I repeat again: indifference is a great enemy!

Translated by ESTI


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