Latin Grammy for Cuban musician Juan Formell

Formell, director of the popular Los Van Van music group, and also a singer, a composer and a bassist, will receive the prize along with other important Spanish-American artists, like Venezuelan Oscar D’León, Colombian Toto La Momposina, Eddie Palmieri, of the U.S.A. and of Puerto Rican descent, and Spaniard Miguel Rios, announced the institution on Tuesday.

   During the ceremony, to be held in Las Vegas as part of celebrations for the 14th edition of the Latin Grammy awards, Brazilian composer Roberto Menescal and Argentinean singer-songwriter Palito Ortega will also receive the prize.

    Gabriel Abaroa, president of the Academy, said that it’s an honor for his organization to announce the names of the artists to be honored this year, since they’re not only the essence of real artists of their art and genres, but because they also represent the global musical spectrum of the Latin community in general.

   The prize to musical excellence is given by way of voting by the Board of Directors of the Latin Recording Academy to artists that have made creative contributions of exceptional artistic importance in the field of recording during their careers.

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