The empire, the great embarrassment of the humanity

To prove this , one need only very brief point data : the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs killed nearly 200 000 deaths in a few minutes , the United States has a declared arsenal 5113 nuclear warheads , has 865 military bases in 40 countries and is the largest arms exporter in the world.

Between 2002 and 2006, the top one percent of Americans received 78% of the income that was created across the country, in New York, every day, more than 50 000 people overnight on the streets or in shelters, while the city has experienced a boom in the construction of luxury buildings.

The U.S. military spending in 2007 reached about 657 billion dollars, and the country itself spends every year on weapons much more than $ 200 for each of the seven billion inhabitants of the earth.

The sum of these short data undoubtedly demonstrate greed , selfishness , the global domain and the unprecedented arrogance of this government to impose its system degrading and degraded at all costs.

In recent years the U.S. military has carried out many attacks , plans to destabilize governments , assassinations and all kinds of project to always destroy , subvert and attack , in one way or another , to any nation that has decided its own system of government foreign imperial interests .

Let´s recall recent cases like the war against Afghanistan , Iraq , Libya , also have in the collimator to Iran , North Korea and Syria , the latter lends itself to self-defense as a possible imminent attack in the United States and its acolytes , saying that that nation possess chemical weapons .

 The United States, with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and of all kinds as their own chemical, use the argument of this weapon to unleash another war, in this case against Syria and the subsequent slaughter of thousands.

On the pretext of Iran was the construction of a nuclear plant that threatens U.S. interests and national security. At present the war against Syria for having alleged chemical weapons. In other cases it is because a country is not democratic and disrespects human rights, of course, depending on the particular interpretation that America has of both concepts.

And what about so many acts of barbarism perpetrated by the empire from which emerged the world as a nation , leaving behind a sad reality , as in the case of Iraq , with five million orphans , a million widows and four million refugees and over a million civilian casualties, ie almost the entire population of Cuba .

There should be not the slightest doubt: imperialism will use all their strength and hegemonic power to prevent rapid and real progress and decent progressive forces in the world. But the people and feel the irresistible weight of capitalism with their dire prescriptions.

What will happen? A very difficult and dangerous labor to achieve the highest goals of humanity , but necessary, indispensable , if not opted for the unseemly position ” does not matter” , ” I’m not political “, ” not my problem ” .
Now remember our Marti, in a fragment of Yoke and Star: But the man who shamelessly mimics the ox , ox becomes to be, and universal scale rough off again begins . The star that adheres without fear, as it creates, grows!

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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