The radio in Las Tunas, historical evolution

In the edition on Wednesday, October 22, l930, in the local newspaper “Echo of Las Tunas” appears the following note:

Victoria de Las Tunas celebrates full of joy a manifestation of progress. It was inaugurated with all happiness CMKE transmitting station “House of Music”, by. Ricardo Arnaldo, with the competence and technical direction of Pepin Adsuar and Edmund Resamier . (N º 33/1930 , 1 )

The inaugural program was extended until 12:00 pm and consisted of a symphonic music program, entertained by information and interpretations by some members of his staff, consisting of friends who came to Ricardo’s house for the pleasure of hearing and talking about music and other manifestations of culture, before the opening of the station, and hence the distinction of ” the House of Music ” for the first local station.

Later the programming consisted of two sections of transmission, from 10:00 pm to 1:00 pm. And second, from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm. This program included the participation of young artists in the city, which gave him the owner and main promoter, Ricardo Arnaldo, help and variety to their programs.

The CMKE not recorded in the book of the history of the Cuban Radio, she notes the author, Oscar Luis Lopez, because the magazine of the Ministry of Communications that it presented the lists of new registrations each year Radio Station, not was tied to the end of the calendar, but you could make a cut at the beginning, mid or end.

The lists for the date of opening of “House of Music” were published before the month of October, which is why CMKE not displayed, but the very fact of having these letters from the first day of transmission, indicating that lacked official.

The first station of Las Tunas worked for 3 years in an uninterrupted manner, and in l939 the aforementioned magazine released its enrollment when they broadcast from Manzanillo, under the auspices of another owner, who bought it from Richard Lake, because it did not have the financially sound to keep it, since they could not engage colleagues for fun to keep a stable program without pay, a lack of advertising agencies in the city that its services sue.

With the short time he transmitted the CMKE, created among his hearers a tradition that sought to keep alive the founding, in late 1934, a study in the Caseron de la Collada, at present Cadillac hotel, with local amplification equipment directed at Vincent Garcia Park, where live performances were made of local artists.

Emissions are performed every day from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and debuted them who later became the leading actor in radio, film, television and theater Alfonso Silvestre, who along with Eva Garza and Ladin sisters, created the comedies, with which earn promotion of classical and Cuban bufo .

It is not until Sunday, April 6, 1941 , in which officially opens the second station with the call sign CMKG , Radio Tunas , belonging to the Eastern Chain Radio , registered in Santiago de Cuba , owned by Emilio Grau , and featured a better-defined and stable programming , including a newscast , live performances by local artists , recorded music varied programs and commercials .

CMKG Radio Tunas transmitted 14 hours a day, with a defined program, including a news program, recorded music and commercials. Belonging to the Eastern Radio System, registered in Santiago de Cuba owned by Emilio Grau and directed by Otton Baró .

The debut was attended by the mayor and the pastor of the city. It was a cultural event, as it enlivened the best orchestras of the day. The following year the station was sold to a businessman from Holguin, causing civil protest.

Then lease the plant back on land returns to Las Tunas, was reopened on September 21, 1942 , this time the director was Ramon Espinosa , who alternated roles there operator and broadcaster .

CMKG Radio Union Tunas joined the National Radio; settled, among other places, at 119 Angel Guardia, between Adolfo Villamar and Francisco Vega streets, with private studies and speaker soundman.

The August 14, 1953 , Radio Tunas CMKG moved to the building of Radio Film , which currently lies Raúl Gómez Theatre Hall , in a room renovated with a stage for acting and studios with best technical conditions .

Radio Victoria, since 1976, with Administrative Policy Division acquires the status of provincial plant and given more power, reporting hears from as far away as Holland, Yucatan, Nicaragua and at several places in the western places of Cuba, even in Pinar del Rio .

In Radio Victoria, the digital age starts on February 24, 2003 to inaugurate its new studios at 157 Colon Street. That same technological development allows households r receive a stereo signal through its FM and AM channels. Today it is a station that has on its listeners the best examples of their content and media culture.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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