A watchmaker fascinated with the radio

We discussed many issues because Guillermo Sarzo , talk about everything, but he does not work in a drugstore. And of course, the subject of his profession that I love so much from the first time I had (a pocket watch with Roman numerals that my beloved Asturian grandfather bequeathed me) to the present where one minute late soul shakes me . Perhaps that is exactly the Radio has marked forever in my professional and personal life was that my daughter Ivalu , a museologist at the Archeology Department of the  Office of the Historian of Havana , took me to meet him.

I never imagined that at that visit I find a man who fits the radio listening watch and also have the programming criteria. Therefore, beneficial knowledge, I proposed the following interview. And of course, I get no advances or delays in the watch. As it should be … and not keep those words as known tragic twentieth century: when they killed Lola.

How did you get to the world of watch making?

I was born into a family of watchmakers, by the father’s side my grandfather, my father and uncle were watchmakers, after the triumph of the Revolution and in the process of private business involvement, my father formed together with other watchmakers state the first watch making workshop so that my childhood developed between the school and a watch factory, watching my father work I learned the ABC of the trade and so develop the knowledge and the passion for this. From the first months of 1982 and after the death of my father, I took this job as a family commitment, a way to keep the tradition while honoring the same.

A watchmaker born or made?

For me the watch making as well as a craft is an art and like all art begins with a bug that comes in the blood when it is born and that over time we have to feed , develop . There watchmaker who is in schools, but as the saying ¨ no ¨ okay with them because the studied having no other alternative or only alternative. I think a little of both, you have to be born and then mold.

For you what are the qualities that distinguish a good watchmaker? .
– Good view
– Patience, patience , and radio would say that character
– Spiritual Tranquility when working
– Not afraid to take him by complex mechanisms that are
– And above all love for their job to do with pleasure, all that is done with pleasure is done right.
In our staff meeting told me how she arranged to have got used watches sync with some Cuban radio stations … about it and according to this personal experience as she fixes a watch can you hear or listen Radio? and in any case , what has enabled programming and harmonize retrace the paths of Radio and Watch and what you would like to be nurtured today …

I think that’s a problem that I have, I remember as a child watching my father work at home and feel behind Radio Reloj ticking and that it was taking as an integral part of the watch ( in my case) , also worked listening to Radio Taino until I discovered Havana Radio and music spaces and sometimes I alternate between Radio Reloj and Havana Radio and randomly a point that when I broke the radio I felt uncomfortable working. In my place of work for the state system as I have radio, listen to music on the PC, specifically the prodigious decade , luckily my co-worker likes the music or not.

With regard to radio programming, should be varied in response to the tastes of the majority but keeping those spaces that make us also remember there should be more advertising space and now with the proliferation of private business, yes, effective advertising and not tacky and vulgar and above all affordable means to us Cubans, without taboos or realistic news censorship to be able to keep the public informed of what is happening on our streets and cities.

Tell me about that experience so interesting that had to do with his work and that of other partner in repairing the old clock of the Palace of the General Captains…

Roberto , actually the date that clock stopped not know, when I started working here I was broken , I can say it was in December 2010 when we started repairing and already in the first half of January were doing tests operation with the clock installed in place, it took an adjustment process that had to conform it to constructive repair works have been carried out in this palace , especially the installation of the bell , in this was to design a new system to operate the same as that given that depended on the constructive work took some time , luckily in the course of that year we stop ringing the bell though due to the structure created in the restoration of the palace its loudness is very low, but from the point of driving operation properly. Really the repair process was very hoarder of time and we had to make a total cutting some parts withdrawals since by its proximity to the sea high nitrate effect was noted eating away some parts . This is a machine for Morez style tower clocks German-made 1908 in the city of Bockenem by the firm JF : Weule .. It was an achievement that we signed.

In his opinion the watch of the future how will … rope, battery or other support future …… and if you are talking about.

It is shown that despite the technological development and the emergence of electronic watches, mechanical imposed, we are many in the world who put our time in the hands of mechanics, perhaps because he is faithful and repairable electronics is vulnerable to influence of many elements still get my Swiss watches with more than 60 and 70 who only require maintenance to last maybe 60 or 70 more marking time.

What is your personal dream into the fascinating world of watch making in our country?

That will meet again the splendor in the 60s and 70s where there was in addition to the national and provincial schools, a school where they graduated high quality Master Watchmakers within the development dreams of watch making in Cuba our GMs did big in the early 60s but the walls of the destroyed mental taboos and when I say dreamed big, say they wanted to put the watch planes Cuban American competition in every way.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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