The electronic cigarette in Cuba

The international market for several years produces the so-called electronic cigarettes or eCig as they are also usually call these devices are among its main functions control the physical addiction to traditional cigarettes .

In order to get this product to users Verde Cayman StarsNew Steam Company, presented some MINSAP several representatives, LABIOFAM, the Ministry of Science , Technology and Environment ( CITMA ) , and members of Habanos SA and in the hall HAVANATUR Ambassadors, of Havana Libre Hotel.

“This cigarette is a product totally organic, ie not throw ashes, cigarette or real smoke. It is verifiable that serves to remove all toxins from the body because it is manufactured with natural agricultural products, “said Marlen Monzon , business manager of StarsNew Vapor company.

According to experts, with the use of the electronic cigarette, the smoker gets the nicotine your body craves and full psychological aspect and tries a cigarette, satisfying oral fixation and sensation of smoke.

Marlen also exemplified that the electronic cigarette is available in various nicotine levels, allowing the smoker to reduce consumption of this substance.

“We believe this product is environmentally friendly and we aim to help create smoke free, where they can smoke cigars they offer, without snuff, the smoke and other chemicals substanbces found in traditional cigarettes ” concluded the manager.

Today, recognized around 400 flavors used in electronic cigarettes , Stars New Vapor has 200 of them , which stand out for their demand , those that simulate the real taste of traditional cigarettes , snuff , mint , strawberry , vanilla , chocolate , apple , rum , whiskey and brandy .

Although in many cases highlight the specialists who are in disagreement with the product , the fact is that the electronic cigarette is a device designed with the use of microbioelectronic technologies that primarily helps those who want to quit smoking , and also gives those youngsters who love the glamour of a cigarette, away from harm to health.

With manufacturing in the People´s Republic of China, the product presented, aims reaching Cuban territory, so that, on this day, were marked relevant guidelines for future marketing in the country.

Translated by Daysi Olano


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