The radio, between cell phones and networking

The author refers to what he calls provide “depth ” content, behind ” surface layer ” and give users the option to search more . Also suggests allowing only selected text and easily recommend creating content so they can send e- mail to others or themselves , and share posts from your device, you’ll never forget that today many different weave the web of social networks – Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , Google + , blogs, image hosting sites (Flickr , Photobucket , Twitpic , etc. ) .

Damon Kiesow , heads the team of digital journalism in the Internet version of the “Boston Globe. Regarding the effect of the pyramid in these devices says: ” Again, in the latest news, get the key details in the top of the story is even more important on mobile. Mobile readers are using smaller screens, are more likely to multi -task and have less time and attention to spend on a complete story. It may just need a headline and a few paragraphs to meet their interests. Therefore, as a cable service, the inverted pyramid, is perfect for the mobile platform especially in the news that are developed and written by journalist and how he turns his attention to the Web or print edition”

For expert Regina MacCombs mobile is not a single platform. “We have to think of mobile phones as a thing, for tablets and other electronic readers. Each device has a different audience, so you have to write differently for each one. “

For mobile phones and small devices, we have to think about writing clear and concise, so that you can read on a single screen. We know that many mobile phone users make finding information very quickly, so maybe not even require them to click through to another page, but only a brief summary of the top stories of the day.

“Users who may be concerned about data charges not want to carry a lot of pages. Owners of tablets or even mobile users connected to Wi – Fi , have very different behaviors . ” Mac Combs adds what kind of stories are more likely to deploy on mobile devices . It stresses the importance of breaking news with local news “It depends on the platform. In mobile phones, small pieces of information on the latest news, or local news are the best.

In the social networks.

Radio is the media give importance to most Internet users that populate social networks with a 93.75 % presence in them. However, in the case of Twitter, their followers are favoring devote himself concerning television content.

The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) has revised the rules of social networks of the major traditional news organizations and has developed a list of suggestions as well as a detailed document of ten practices considered appropriate to adopt a policy on sites like Twitter and Facebook . The recommendations of the organization should assume that everything you write will be published online , using social media to interact with your readers , but professionally , gives the news first on your means, not on Twitter , you must confirm each data find in social networks , always identify yourself as a journalist , and admits a mistake, keep internal deliberations confidential.

Similarly, the net deploys six ‘ tricks ‘ you must not forget that every tweet impacts:

1. – Raise your maximum capacity for synthesis.

Two. – Aim for 120 or 100 characters to make room for the messages they want to add the following. Then allow other complement your content.

Three. – Be brief and clear. Do not use abbreviations difficult to understand at a glance or complicated messages. Subject, verb and predicate.

April. – Share content from other spaces for readers to discover new content and assess you as a reliable source.

May. – Use relevant hash tags so that data are disseminated to the right people. So you can discover new audiences all the time.

June. – Give credit to users. Quote listeners. They will notice the mention of Twitter because the system notifies this kind of action. Acknowledge their existence will help to value your effort.


Riveros , Eduardo. The journalistic writing web pages tailored to the mobile web: Case El Universal of Caracas in August 2011. Master’s Thesis. Barinas. Venezuela.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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