Testimonials by blockade damages in Havana -Washington videoconference

Dr. Andres Zaldivar, Historical Research Center of State Security, said the various plans of aggression that accompanied the U.S. policy against the Cuban Revolution.

The White House decided its early overthrow. Already in 1960 implemented the suspension of oil shipments from the sugar quota to the U.S. market and other measures to control the assets of the island.

He said that these and other hostile actions, they began the siege of Cuba, were part of the greater plan that resulted in the failed Playa Giron invasion (Bay of Pigs) .

Since February 1962, when President John Kennedy formally established the blockade to Cuba, it happened measures, decrees; laws and plans for economically asphyxiate the neighboring country.

Washington banned shipments of medicines, food, U.S. travel to Havana, and excluded the island of loans and other funding organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank, explained.

Zaldivar said the laws Torricelli and Helms – Burton, who claimed the collapse in Cuba after the collapse of the socialist bloc and the Soviet Union, another blockade tightening.

Since then the U.S. pursues the transactions of Cuba, but also punishes U.S. companies and their subsidiaries around the world, he said. Similarly steals Cuban products brands.

In tune with representatives of U.S. media, convened by the Interests of Cuba in Washington, the director of the special school “Solidarity with Panama ” , Maria Esther Lao , gave her testimony about the damages of the blockade to Cuban children with disabilities.

We have children with cerebral palsy who require medications harassment forbidden by the White House said.

She listed other barriers such as lack of motor wheelchairs, specialized transportation (lifts), and the prohibition for academic exchange between the two nations.

“But the blockade may not prevent Cuba the political will to address their children in special situation. For that will operate 350 special schools serving nearly 39,000 students,” he said.

A similar situation described Deputy Director of Research at the Institute of Oncology; Dr Lorenzo Anastos

He explained that cancer is the leading cause of death in Cuba, which gives an inhumanity character to the blockade.

He recorded at 10 million $ 200,000 losses in the field of oncology by the U.S blockade.

Evading the blockade – revealed – bought in three different countries in Europe several radiotherapy equipments, including inputs and the training of specialists. Shortly after this division was bought by a U.S. company that denied the radioactive source.

At the end we were forced to resell the equipment with obvious consequences, he said.

Anastos said that the blockade also affects American patients because the island has drugs for certain tumors even outperform the market in that country.

He recalled an American nurse agencies must file a case with your country to get the income of a Cuban drug applied in Canada , and achieved satisfactory results for an American girl .

He added that international events , including the promotion of new technologies , Cuba is ruled by the laws of the blockade , which does not stop on the island are achieved first class results in attention, for example, cancer in children.

The videoconference between Havana and Washington predates the UN vote on 29 October this year, a draft resolution asking Cuba, once again, the end of the blockade.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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