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Tens of Bayamo achieved popularity under other skies , and sufficient illustrative examples of the greatness of the City National Memorial .

Joaquín Infante Infante was born in 1775 and was known when he died , was a lawyer and author of the first draft constitution for Cuba , a proposal advanced at the time, and which established the republic as government system and acknowledged to various beliefs religious .

Involved in a conspiracy independence fled the country in 1810 , not to be arrested , linked to Venezuelan patriots and shared actions with leaders like Simon Bolivar.
In 1817 he was part of the expedition organized by the Spanish General Francisco Javier Mina to assist the independence of Mexico , where he published a biography of Mina and anthem after attracting national support .
After that company , wrote an important booklet about the emancipation of America, which was born in Cadiz , Buenos Aires , Mexico and Caracas.

Jesus Manuel Cedeño Infante (1780-1821) was Joaquín Infante family , and assisted in the establishment of the Republic of Haiti in the early nineteenth century .

Built Bolívar ‘s forces , wrote brilliant pages in Venezuela , where he was assistant coach of the Liberator and attained the rank of major general . Died in the famous Battle of Carabobo.

José María Izaguirre and Izaguirre (1828-1905) was patriot , educator and journalist , with a prominent place among the initiators of the first Cuban war against Spain ‘s colonial rule.

In Guatemala founded the Normal School , which provided adequate and effective methods of teaching materials , the School Practice annexed to the aforementioned , and the private school The Cosmopolitan.

 Later in Nicaragua led the Granada Institute , founded the Institute of Managua , and wrote his most notable work , entitled Elements of Pedagogy.

José Joaquín Palma (1844-1911) patriot, poet, journalist , educator and diplomat , stood out among the initiators of the Great War (1868-1878) , directed El Cubano Libre , the first newspaper of those heroes , and co-sponsored the motion in favor of the abolition of slavery.

His diplomatic management persuaded the Guatemalan government recognized the belligerency of the Cubans , and the protection and work Honduras give dozens of fighters on the island, as Antonio and Jose Maceo , Maximo Gomez , Flor Crombet , Carlos Roloff , Manuel de Jesus Calvar and Juan Rius Rivera.

He helped many intellectuals of Central , including Ruben Dario , and wrote the National Anthem of Guatemala .

Basten these examples to assess bayamesa footprint overseas , but do not forget that hundreds of nineteenth -century independence and their descendants

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