The helplessness by the defeat

A truly shameful is that of Radio Martí , a despicable station , total orphan’s ethical and moral principles , looks at the need to resort to distortion , evasion and , of course , a lie, as vital tools that give life .

Some may try to reverse the logic: even fail to endeavor to convince you that there is no daylight or darkness of the night, except that their malicious message it intended to subnormal human beings. In other words, they are seeking to show that virtually the entire world is totally wrong, and that the aggressor-read empire- is the one with the truth.

This Mr. Godard, dark U.S. representative at the UN, he usually does the same song bland and colorless as a result of the lack of solid and serious arguments that could at least fool the unwary.

This horrible spectacle of a representative of the most powerful nation losing the battle against the nobility and the irrefutable truths of a small island, but above all, sovereign, free and independent.

And apparently this guy did not even blush, because he is convinced that he represents the nation that owns the world we live. Big mistake! So one day its defending system will disappear! But look a little button shows that the station has been reporting aforementioned frantically, endlessly repetitive, using the same words and phrases they use their poor subjects or called “independent journalists” or “dissidents” in Cuba.

Unheard fallacy when they say that America is actually “friend” of the Cuban people; clear, I say, why try to drown. That Cuba lives by the grace, only, of the Cubans who live there and, of course, include the Cuban mafia, therefore, should we infer that it is useless extraordinary effort and is done for the people to improve our economic situation?

A personage of the station staff said “not understand how we can still go to the UN to request the lifting of the blockade.” Although it may seem strange , this station has said that Cuba does subversion in the world, and surprisingly , practicing espionage added , ie, from the country which is now exposed to the world and accused of spying , is accused Cuba of what same , it really does not even deserve a brief comment.

If I refer to other lies and distortions would not be possible to be many and unpleasant to anyone honest. However, I can assure that maintained the same litany of always ensuring, among other things, that Cuba uses the issue of the blockade as a pretext to cover up their shortcomings, to what would you reply that if so, just to be lifted and see what happens.

Another nonsense is when they say that Cuba is ” rusificando ” the blockade, as Godard says, is a tool of ” U.S. efforts to promote respect for human rights of Cubans ,” and , as latest barbarity resume again for Forbes magazine , which claimed that discredited through the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution , Fidel Castro , had an enormous amount of millions of dollars abroad , and that such a claim was finally a loud ridiculous. To that end coming!

But the incredible thing about this is that so many falsehoods and unbridled hatred to Cuba, is based on a huge budget to receive the channel and pay the American people. Is that the great dome of power in the United States did not just learn the lesson, so today is found in an alley, apparently has no outlet , so even their own allies and resent and protest , so alone therefore, are doomed to failure , or their sophisticated weapons , nor their dollars , can withstand the onslaught of peoples in their struggle for peace and justice. It will soon be later, but it will.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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