Suffer and the Media Remain Silent


The article reads: “The world treats rich children as if they were money, so they get used to act like money. The world treats poor children like garbage, so they become garbage. And, the media keep the kids who are neither rich nor poor tied to the leg of the TV, so that they accept from a very early age this life of imprisonment as their destiny.”

What Galeano said in that article is an irrefutable truth that no one in this world, with a minimum of principles, dares to question. It is simply to let cruelty and selfishness legitimize these human aberrations and, at the same time, to plant ideas of extreme meekness such as “everything is written”and “change is not possible” in the minds of the people. Behind all this barbarism, of course, are the powerful media, which is always ready to serve the almighty gold owner.

Several questions to the media arise: Why do they not report on the causes of millions of deaths every year from lack of food; the same causes that kill a child every few seconds? Why do they not say that the world spends twelve times in military expenses than what they spend to help poor countries (2010 data)? Why do they not report that, according to UNICEF, child prostitution and child pornography, the so-called street children, and the traffic of organs taken from underage boys, who are tricked or kidnapped and then killed, goes far beyond the worst and most horrifying experiences?

Also ignored is the statement by Ignacio Ramonet, renowned specialist in mass media, when he says: “non-democratic institutions like the IMF, the EC and the European Central Bank do not represent the citizens. However; these institutions, with the support of the mass media that responds to the interest of economic, financial and industrial lobbyists, are responsible for creating tools that reduce democracy to a theater of shadows and appearances.”

There are countless examples that show that those who suffer the excesses and injustices in a dying world are those that have historically suffer exploitation.

Perhaps, this is why imperialism, which has become aware of this new situation, attacks viciously and just think of wars and more wars to try to save the system, which is its only means to prevail.

They have erected a way of life that is simply incompatible with itself, with reason, justice, truth, morality, and everything that represents human decency. And the media acts indulgently by giving unconditional support, even when it means leaving their ethics and professionalism behind.

They get sick of just thinking they have to accept the ALBA , CELAC , MERCOSUR and other organizations that refuse to be dependent of the master oppressor; they are poisoned by the certainty that the world rejects, almost in full, the criminal blockade the United States exercises against Cuba 

At the end of the day, as always happens, imposes what Marti says: “selfishness is evil in the world,” ” theft, abuse, immorality are beneath those huge fortunes.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano / Revised by ESTI


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