Radio Moron celebrated its 54 anniversary

As part of the celebration was held a cultural gala at Reguero Theater, which were awarded to the best journalism and broadcast programs so far this year.

The current radio programming , has two programs that were created on November 19, 1949 , one of them is the Noticiero Estelar and the other Meridiano Campesino  , dedicated to the men and women who cultivate the land .

On Monday night made a special gathering in the courtyard of the Provincial Branch Nicolas Guillen Foundation, which played an interview with José Luis Taboada Perera , technical and sound operator , founder of Radio Moron.
Prior to the date, conducted workshops where staff quality journalism ruled by raising efficiency and adjust various information spaces to the demands of contemporary journalism, corresponding to the projections of the Ninth Congress of the UPEC.

Radio Moron broadcasts on 98.9 FM frequency, with a schedule that extends from five in the morning until twelve o’clock, with musical, cultural, news, children´s and social facilitation programs.

Translated by Daysi Olano

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